NWO Global Conquest Forwarding: New Iran Sanctions Bring Threat Of Persian Gulf Blockages

Iran threatens oil routes as Obama signs tough new energy sanctions

A US-Iran showdown loomed closer early Friday, July 2, when president Barack Obama signed into law a series of energy sanctions...
Iran's defense minister General Ahmad Vahidi warned that searches of its ships or planes would have "dire consequences" for world security and the Middle East in particular.
The law drafted by Congress shuts US markets to firms that provide Iran with refined petroleum products, such as gasoline and jet fuel, invest in its energy sector, or provide financing, insurance or shipping services. Non-US banks doing business with blacklisted Iranian entities, primarily Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps organizations, will be banned from US markets. These measures complement and strengthen the new UN Security Council sanctions and European measures and will hit every Iranian.
debkafile's Iranian sources have no doubt that Iran will not take the new penalties lying down and will strike back - possibly, in the first instance, by impeding Persian Gulf shipping carrying Saudi and Gulf oil out to the United States, Europe and the Far East, with immediate effect on world oil prices.
The above is an update on this almost 2-yr old post: Report: Iran Prepared to Block Gulf 10-28-08 "If necessary, we can prevent any enemy from entering the Persian Gulf's strategic area.''

With this comment from that post, which still applies:

"Any conflict in the region with the consequent disruption of the oil supply would go a long way toward the transitioning of this country into the 'green model' which is to be the method of implementing the planned dictatorial global government, which truly is the only goal. Be informed. see: Unbelievable Iran 'Intel' [see post]
re: "immediate effect"

The run-up for the Iran phase of the NWO's global conquest/oil-eliminating plan has been ongoing for a number of years, and it may now be close to the point where people are sufficiently numbed enough to buy into it and wearily embrace the oil-less 'green' future planned for them.

While the actual Iran/WWIII pre-planned war must await the right timing (Zionist 'Gog-Magog' deception [biblical prophecy related - more on that later]) and so is unlikely at this time, skyrocketing oil prices would definitely facilitate the overall agenda and may be the objective at this point - i.e. the "immediate effect". The pre-fabbed Gulf of Mexico 'crisis' could also dovetail nicely to accentuate any global 'oil-chaos'.

At any rate, the 'Iran-phase' has just been taken to an altogether new level with the new far-reaching, tentacle-like "energy sanctions" [see full article at link]. Be informed. Rev. 18:4
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