NWO: Movement to Dissolve, Recycle Dead Bodies To Help 'Save Environment' Is The Future

Belgium's plan to wash its dead down the drain: Bodies would be dissolved in caustic solution... and flushed into the sewer

Undertakers in Belgium plan to eschew traditional burials and cremations and start dissolving corpses instead.
The move is intended to tackle a lack of burial space and environmental concerns as 573lbs of carbon dioxide are released by each cremated corpse.
Under the process, known as resomation, bodies are treated in a steel chamber with potassium hydroxide at high pressure and a temperature of 180c (350f).
The raised pressure and temperature means the body reaches a similar end point as in standard cremation — just bones left to be crushed up — in two to three hours.
Six states in America have passed legislation to allow resomation and the Scottish company behind the technology says it is in talks to allow the process in the UK.
Although the ashes can be recycled in waste systems, the residue from the process can also be put in urns and handed over to relatives of the dead like normal ashes from crematorium farewells.
'Elsewhere across the globe this is a work in progress.'
Sandy Sullivan, founder of The Resomation Company said: 'Resomation offers a new, innovative approach which uses less energy and emits significantly less greenhouse gasses than cremation.
'Burial space is running out and I have had lots of people contact me whose loved ones have chosen resomation.
'It's a highly sensitive subject but I think the public are ready for it.'
The name ‘Resomation’ comes from the Greek word ‘Resoma’ meaning rebirth of the human body.
Belgian undertakers hope to have the greenlight within three months.
The end result is a small quantity of green-brown tinted liquid containing amino acids, peptides, sugars and salts and soft, porous white bone remains which are easily crushed.
The liquid can be recycled back to the ecosystem by being applied to a memorial garden or forest or simply put into the sewerage system.
re: "resomation...across the globe...a work in progress"

In 1995 the U.N. published an 1140 page document called the "Biodiversity Assessment Report". It was and still is a literal manifesto for establishing a 'green tyranny' over the planet. This 'Report' identified everything in modern society that, it was claimed, is destructive to 'mother earth' and for that reason must then be eliminated. The 'green buzzword' for elimination is 'unsustainable'.

To any who understand the depth of deception behind the global green agenda it will come as no surprise to discover that "cemeteries" are one of the (many) things that made that 'unsustainable list'. see: Wrenching Transformation 4-7-08 [should be read carefully because...it's on]

Not enough "burial space", and cremation puts out too much "carbon"...is the official storyline in this case as the incredibly deceptive global green movement gets set to take another paradigm-shifting giant step forward.

Bottom line, as far as cemeteries go...it's a power grab of the land. As for the "useless eaters" (NWO speak) of the world..."flush 'em", say the 'high ones'..."after all, they're no better than inanimate matter anyway" [here].

Be aware, these things can not be relegated to 'theory' any longer - the psychotic Brave New World-ers are bringing their demonic darkness into the light of day. The public is ready, says the acid-man. Rev. 18:4

see also: 'Green' Agenda Will Be Used To Control The World, The 'Politicians' Are On Board 10-27-08 [follow links, connect dots]
Isaiah 24:21 'And it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth.'


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In regards to resomation. In Oct 2008 the NFDA (National Director's Funeral Assoc) met at the Orange County Convention Center. UCLA and Mayo Clinic were listed as interested for their Body Donation Program. There are two manufacturers of the Matthews International's Cremation Division, one in Florida and the other in Indiana in an article dated Aug 2009. The term being used is "biocremation" to go along with the "going green" concept today.

You can look up the articles on resomation yourself if interesed.

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