More NWO Propaganda: Sherrod Hoax (?) Creates Pretext To Go After Bloggers

Is the Shirley Sherrod Youtube 'out-of-context quote' story just another NWO scam?
Has to be. Because of this 'incident', the door has swung wide open for the NWO-ers to further set the stage for the coming crackdown on bloggers, as seen in this pathetic little production from the Bureau of Propaganda [video below].
The 'expert' guest comes on, author of a book called "The Cult of the Amateur", in which he claims, according to BoP employee #2 that "blogs, myspace, youtube, and other user-generated media are killing the American economy, the culture, and our values"

The 'guest' then describes these internet users as having "a certain paranoia about media, an obsession with conspiracy, a kind of lunacy...[unintelligble]...an extremism...a bitterness..."

He then goes on to praise "other parts of the internet" and particularly the global-corporate media talking heads for 'saving the day'...."the msm and guys like you came to the rescue...you sorted the case out...you showed that it was a lie, you revealed the fact, the reality, the truth...
BoP employee #1 then replies..."But we can't always do that...there's going to have to be...a point in time....where these people have to be held accountable...[and]...they're a bunch of cowards...people seeking attention.."

And BoP employee #2 a bit later chimes in with this remark where he floats the idea of internet censorship: "what [he]...talked to me about was this idea of a gatekeeper"
Moral of the 'Sherrod' story?
Bloggers are bad bad bad. They are cultish amateurs, cowardly attention-seeking bitter paranoid extremist lunatics and are responsible for killing America...but the MSM boys and girls are truth revealers and saviors.
Absolutely shameless twisting of reality.
Truth revealed? The wannabe global-masters are chomping at the bit to shut down the last uncontrolled source of info on the planet, and are now taking their plan to the next level. fyi

Nahum 3:1 'Woe to the bloody city! it is all full of lies and robbery'

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