NWO Next Phase - It's On: Iranian Passenger Planes Denied Fuel Across Globe

Update on: NWO Global Conquest Forwarding: New Iran Sanctions Bring Threat Of Persian Gulf Blockages 7-4-10 "...the 'Iran-phase' has just been taken to an altogether new level with the new far-reaching, tentacle-like "energy sanctions""
The new US sanctions covering the sale to Iran of refined oil products including gasoline and jet oil, which President Barak Obama signed into law Friday, July 2, have gone into action, debkafile's Iranian and military sources report. Monday, July 5, Mehdi Aliyari, secretary of Iranian Airlines Union, said airports in Britain, Germany, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates had refused to refuel Iranian passenger planes. He said the cutoff affected the national carrier Iran Air and the biggest Iranian private airline Mahan Air, both of which operate several flights to Europe. Following this announcement, a spokeswoman of the oil giant BP said "we will comply with any international sanctions that are imposed.
Tehran is particularly put out by the refusal of the United Arab Emirates' international airport in Dubai to provide fueling services. It is a transit hub for the many of millions of Iranians who fly to Persian Gulf and Middle East destinations. So central is this facility to Iran's international air connections that it has two terminals, one for ordinary traffic and one just for Iranian flights.
Pervez Sorouri, a lawmaker and member of Iranian parliament's committee on foreign policy and national security, warned Tehran would take retaliatory action for these sanctions.
Since Friday, Iranian leaders have been telling the public that the new US sanctions will not affect their lives and their government has set up alternative arrangements to bypass them. But they will now have a hard time explaining away penalties that affect the life of every individual and family.
Saturday, after learning its passenger flights would be denied fuel, Iran's leaders held an emergency conference to decide how to react.
The "energy sanctions" against Iran were 'signed into law' only three days ago. Already the world is in collusion and enacting them, led by the UK's BP. Where things go from here will serve only the interest of the coming global dictatorship - and it is not a pretty picture. [see 'update' link above] fyi
compare: Pressing The Zionist Agenda - 'UK to lead fight against nuclear Iran' 7-21-08
Micah 3:10 "They build up Zion with blood..."

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