2-Yr. Date George Floyd PSYOP [5-25-22] - Trump Told It Months In Advance; Everything Fake-Scripted - Even 'School Shootings'

Operation George Floyd played out May 25, 2020. Trump foretold it February 20, 2020. Three full months in advance. Ho hum nothing new, the reality is known. Everything is fake, staged, a sorcerer's trick. That definitely includes make-believe school-shootings [e.g. Sandy Hook - link]. The Novus Ordo Seclorum False-Zion Tower of Babel II* [link] will not build itself. Note: disarming the public is crucial to the agenda. Along with 'own nothing'..the 'goyim-cattle' must be also defenseless. And, no question about it, they are all in on it together:
Trump acts out George Floyd Production 3-months prior:


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Original post 6-7-20: 'George Floyd Psyop: Trump Foretells "I Can't Breathe" At Colorado Springs Rally 2-20-20 -- Everything Scripted'

Rev. 18:4
*Micah 3:10 'They build up Zion with blood, and Jerusalem with iniquity'

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