"Herd Immunity" A Talmudic In-Your-Face Mock - All 'Goy' i.e. Non-Jews Are 'Cattle' ... Korona Kontrol Kaper

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Fauci predicts 'herd immunity' for U.S. by late spring or early summer

[12-14-20] Fauci predicted Monday that the United States could achieve herd immunity against Covid-19 by "the end of the second quarter 2021" after vaccines are more widely deployed.

Depending on whether enough people can be persuaded to get inoculated, he said, it could be "sometime by the end of March, the beginning of April, that the normal healthy man and woman in the street who has no underlying conditions would likely get it."

Fauci said he hopes that by late spring or early summer, the U.S. will attain "that umbrella of herd immunity."

"Herd immunity ...herd immunity ...how many times have you 'heard' that lately? Been hearing it right from the beginning of the Korona Kontrol-Kaper, but it has now become continual, as now the needles are coming out. Stop for a minute think it through. What are they really saying? The phrase "herd immunity" refers to a herd of cattle. Bingo. Echoing out from every ZWO Bureau of Propaganda msm mockingbird-news-outlet - radio, TV, internet, newspaper, magazine, etc., it is plain as can be calling people - the general populations - "cattle". Get it now? The phrase is not meaningless it is a blatant total mock. Comes straight from the Jewish Talmud - nowhere else: All 'goys' i.e. non-jews are less than human, just 'cattle' (see below), to be enslaved for their own purposes [link]. This truly is the mindset of the Talmudist, and they truly are activated by it. [see: Harbinger Cahn Job]. And laughing behind the scenes uncontrollably no doubt when no one 'gets it' and even repeat it themselves ...'herd immunity' 'herd immunity'. Ohhh so funny can't stop laughing..."

From the Jewish Talmud: "Only the Jews are humans, the Non-Jews are not humans, but cattle" (non-Jews aka "goyim" = human cattle) - Kerithuth 6b page 78, Jebhammoth 61a

“When the Messiah comes, all will be slaves of the Jews” - (Erubin 43b)*

Just a 'herd' - minions all [see vid @ link]

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