CA Laguna Niguel Fire A 'Corona' Ritual - Mansions Made A Torch-To-The-Heavens.. 'Coronation' Symbolism All Over it [May 2022]; Always Overnight

Laguna Niguel Mansions Made A Torch-To-The-Heavens - A Coronado-Corona As Above So Below Ritual May 2022

They just keep happening. Fires so anonmalous that no realistic reasonable explanation can be made. The major destruction always happening after the areas are fully evacuated and locked down. Virtually always overnight. No one can see anything. It's there when the sun goes down, when the sun comes up nothing but ashes. Case in point this latest ultra-mysterious fire event burning up the multi-million dollar mansions of Laguna Niguel, CA May 2022. As this news headline in the below image reveals, it happened overnight:

Here is where it gets even more bizarre, or telling. First, from the top image above note the name of the Los Angeles news reporter that shows up on site immediately after the overnight burn is 'Lauren Coronado'. Next note the close-up of the inset-map from that image the location of the fire is 'Coronado Pointe'. Then on the inset map note the road leading up to the area is named 'Crown Valley Pkwy'. There is a hidden message here. The word 'coronado' in Spanish means 'crowned' [see image below]. The word 'coronado' comes from the word corona. The word 'corona' in Spanish means 'crown' [see image below]. The word crown in the name of the road 'Crown Valley Pkwy' has then the meaning 'corona':

Coronado, crowned, corona, crown. Put it all together the corona-connection to this Laguna Niguel May 2022 fire event is beyond the realm of chance or coincidence. Coronado, or, 'crowned', siginifies a coronation. A coronation is to be crowned with a crown. Some sort of bizarre sacrificial-fire ritual to symbolize or commemorate the 'coronation-crowning' i.e. 'Coronado' of the worldwide Corona-covid psyop? - would be the logical conclusion - announced by the on-scene crowned one herself reporter 'Coronado'. Whatever the exact meaning intended though don't really need to know. It doesn't matter. What is very clear is that this proves that nothing about this impossible fire-event was natuarlly occurring. The whole thing had to have been carefully planned out. A torch-lit Coronado Crowning of Corona-dom. Devil-men running the world. You are living it - May 2022. The takeaway: 'Come out (of that devil world) - partake not of her sins..'
 Rev. 18:4

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This post a follow up on: NWO Burning Down 'Old-World-Order' Town By Town Continues [May 2022]; It's Not DEW It's Old Skool.. Flamethrowers 5-6-22 "Burning down the 'old-world-order' town by town. The agenda has been underway for a long time [see linked post above]. May 2022 so-called 'wildfires' burning down entire geographic regions have become so commonplace now seems people hardly have any reaction any longer when hearing about it. It is the 'new normal' effect. Reality check: nothing normal about it. It is a carefully coordinated agenda being carried out.. [see post]
Psalms 28:4 'Give them according to their deeds, and according to the wickedness of their endeavours: give them after the work of their hands; render to them their desert'

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