Newest Fake-Korona Variant 'Mu' Just Another Jewish-Talmudic Mock: Cows (i.e. 'Goy-Cattle') Say 'Moo'

The WHO is tracking a new COVID-19 variant called Mu that might be able to evade immunity from vaccines

According to the open-source database Outbreak.info, 1,953 cases of the Mu variant have been reported in the US. At press time, only two states - South Dakota and Nebraska - have not yet seen infections of the Mu variant.

"At the moment, it looks like there's genuine cause for concern in USA, Central America, and South America, but as we saw with Delta, a potent variant can traverse the globe in the blink of an [all-seeing] eye [of Horus]," said Danny Altmann, an immunology expert at Imperial College London, to The Telegraph.

Way too obvious... "mu" said the moo-cow. When the herd thinks they got the [nonexistent] 'mu' they will be 'mooing' all over the place... Yup the boys over at Zio-central must have stayed up all night to come up with this one.

And so the pathetic mocking just keeps coming - just like the fake so-called variants. Fake variants have to keep coming - it's the only way to keep the fake-korona ordo-ab-chao scammy-hoaxy 'kattle-kontrol skeme' master-plan going..

To consider - the thing called "anti-semitism" is made up by Jewish 'semites' as an offensive weapon to silence opposition [link: vid/post]. The truth of the issue is in reality the exact opposite - it is the accusing semite-gang that are guilty of 'anti-non-semite-ism'.. and in fact are absolutely rabid about it. And they do love to mock to give vent to it - and love it all the more when few to none discern it. A few more examples - these past posts:

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Rev. 18:4
Proverbs 17:5 'Whoso mocketh the poor reproacheth his Maker: and he that is glad at calamities shall not be unpunished'

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