Real Truth Of Great Korona Hoax-Of-The-Ages 2021: 'You Are The Virus Infecting Earth' - Aqua-Fake Jason Momoa UN 2019; They Live

Whatever 'they' are in their true nature - serpent seed, nephilim, zionist 'semite-supremecists' etc. or all of the above - they consider themselves 'gods on earth' ..and everybody else as something less than human [see links below video]. This absolutely is a fact and is why what is now happening on this earth is actually happening. They care absolutely zero about anything other than their own agenda. Probably accurate to say still relatively few actually do comprehend this, even though in many cases they may talk a good game - so to speak. What this means is that the so-called 'powers-that-be', or, 'the government', etc. - talking with, trying to reason with, expressing anger, protesting against...to turn them from their truly antichrist/devilish purpose - all of these things will avail less than nothing. Can't be done in other words. Not possible. Not even close to being possible. You are not even human, they are 'gods'. You matter nothing. Less than. If you do not yet comprehend this as reality, it is time. Have to know the truth of a circumstance to deal with it. In this case, to start, it means to fully understand what they really think of you [note: the one clip in the below video with the 'aliens' is from the 1988 movie 'They Live']:
Aqua-Fake Jason Momoa 'You Are The Virus Infecting Earth' UN 2019 - They Live


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Above video re-edited from this original vid/post dated 9-29-19 - it was clear then, even more clear now two years later 9-16-21:

Hollywood Jason Momoa New Role Climate Change Puppet Tells UN "We Are A Disease Infecting Our Planet"

"[9-29-19; excerpted]  We are a disease" and "we must work together as a global community". These two quotes reveal the entire agenda as clearly as could possibly be done: totalitarian one world government [see: would-be zio-kingdom-kome];

The people [i.e. the 'virus'] owned and managed by serpent-seed zionists as herds of cattle - goy-cattle slaves i.e 'less than human' (virus); see: 'Minions the movie: ''because you're a minion [virus]'.

It is just that simple; see also: fake 'Gog-Magog WWIII' to finalize the entire plan - gog-Magog Zio-plot].

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Rev. 18:4

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