Update: FL Gov. Signs Radical Anti-Semite 'Trick' Into Law In Israel Ya Ha Ha -- No Speaky About Zionist Jews Allowed

This post is an update on: FL Makes 'Anti-Semite' A Race-Crime - Can't Say "Jewish World Conspiracy"... FL Gov. To Sign In Jerusalem 5-17-19  [excerpt below]
Bill aimed at banning anti-Semitism in public schools gets some hefty pushback

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a law aimed at banning anti-Semitism in public schools while on a trip to Israel ... Wednesday [5-29-19] ... but that has also received criticism for infringing on free speech ... adding anti-Semitism to the list of outlawed forms of discrimination in Florida, equating it with other forms of racial discrimination, reported the Tallahasse Democrat.

The law gives examples of anti-Semitic statements, including

“making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as a collective, especially, but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions” and “accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interest of their own nations.
A number of state and national groups and individuals, some Jewish, heavily criticized the law for infringing on the First Amendment and for defining anti-Semitism too broadly.

According to Floridapolitics.com, the letter’s signatories included constitutional lawyer Alan Levine, who has argued First Amendment cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, Rabbi Bryan Mann, and Miami lawyer Benjamin Waxman.

Cohn said... “The new law statutorily labels nearly all criticisms of Israel as anti-Semitism, and will serve as a new tool to suppress student and faculty speech around one of the most hotly debated topics of our time.”

Note: supposed pushback or not...Florida's radical new definition for the anti-semite "trick" [see below video] is now state 'law'. Note II: Don't expect it to stop there.

Original post 5-17-19: FL Makes 'Anti-Semite' A Race-Crime - Can't Say "Jewish World Conspiracy"... FL Gov. To Sign In Jerusalem  "Anti-semite anti-semite" - a total fraud power-play to force silence upon the entire world by intimidation, openly admitted:


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"And that intimidation now going to new levels, as here in Florida where in just a few weeks it will become a 'race-crime' to correctly identify the very obvious Jewish Zionist world-domination conspiracy for being exactly that and saying so. Note this new law applies only to the public education system at this point, but clearly a precedent is being set. And with that new precedent saying 'Jewish World conspiracy' will now be against the law in educational institutions. Even though the Kabbalist Zionist Jews themselves declare it to be so - what they call 'tikkun olam' [Jewish conspiracy to rule world as laid out in the Jewish Kabbalah: link]. And definitely take note the "unanimous" new law to be signed at an in-your-forced-silence-goy-face ceremony ...in where else Jerusalem. ...They do love that sort of thing." [see post]  Rev. 18:4

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