Scripted '2020 Stolen Election Kraken-Plan' Major Development - AZ Audit Report Goes To Senate Today 8-20-21

[8-23-21 Update: AZ Audit Further Delay Some Of The Guys Got 'COVID' - AZ Senate President Fann Statement]

It does not get any bigger than the '2020 Stolen Election' Kraken Plan-script. If played-out it would literally mean the end of the USA as-we-know-it, meaning a likely military take-over, and, also, establish the China-narrative for the planned and scripted and orchestrated fake Gog-Magog WWIII [see post #1 bottom]. Does not get any bigger. At top three articles reporting on today's [8-20-21] AZ audit "draft report" to be delivered to the AZ senate. No question this is a major advance of the overall 'Stolen Election' production, although not yet the final 'public release'. Note third article 'expert' predicts results to be "earth-shattering". Bottom half of page are three past-posts going into much more detail on these things just mentioned - if interested. Again - it does not get any bigger - because Kraken i.e. 'cracking' the USA would be earth-shattering as it would definitely change the entire world:

1.  'Audit' team will provide draft report to Arizona Senate this week
"The team that conducted the troubled review of the 2020 election in Maricopa County will present a draft report of its findings to Senate President Karen Fann by Friday [8-20-21]. The Senate will then have the option of suggesting modifications before the final report is issued. Fann tweeted on Monday that the audit team is preparing its draft report. She wrote that the Senate’s team will review the report “for accuracy and clarity” before the final report is released to the public. It’s unclear when the final report will be available to the public..."

2.  Arizona Senate president says Maricopa audit report to be released
"Arizona Senate President Karen Fann provided a brief update on the progress of a report on the 2020 election audit conducted in Maricopa County. The Republican leader said the companies contracted to conduct the review, led by Cyber Ninjas, are putting together a report on their findings from the audit, which has been subject to intense criticism by county officials... Wendy Rogers, another Republican state senator [said]: "Once Arizona delivers our prelim report, it is up to the rest of the states to do forensic audits and issue their reports."

3.  BREAKING BIG — Jovan Pulitzer: Arizona Audit Report Will be Delivered to Senate on Friday, Results Will Be Earth-Shattering
"On Thursday morning American entrepreneur, inventor, and data analyst, Jovan Pulitzer joined Joe Hoft on ‘Tomorrow’s News Today’, a new radio program on local St. Louis 93.3 FM... Jovan Pulitzer told Joe Hoft this morning the results of the audit will be earth-shattering!"


'Kraken' Released February 2020 - Wreaking Havoc Ever Since

1.  6-14-21 Stolen Election 'The Script' Still Playing Out - AZ Audit Done 1st State: Breakup Of USA The Agenda; Trump Birthday; WWIII; 'Deep State'  "Stolen Election 2020 "The Script". "What percentage of the population is even aware that the 2020 'stolen election' drama is not over? Or that a "forensic audit" i.e. hand-recount has been going on in the state of Arizona, and that today June 14, 2021 that 'audit' is to be finished - which just so happens to be Trump's birthday - 75th... And an agenda it is. A massive agenda. A monumental agenda like nothing anybody now alive on this planet has ever seen. It is "Stolen Election 2020". The purpose of this biggest-of-all-time agenda is nothing less than the actual breakup of the USA... Even of those relatively-few who are aware that 'Stolen-Election 2020' is not-over but still being played-out, the majority of these do not understand that the entire thing is a scripted production - and that the true purpose is literally the breakup of the United States of America. Most of these are believing it's all real and hoping for 'better days' when the 'truth comes out' and Trump will save the USA. But it is not real and that is not the plan. See the image above. Everybody corralled like cattle in the mega-regions, controlled and owned like hunger-games slaves, is the only agenda. How does anybody suppose that could happen? Answer: It cannot unless the breakup of the USA happens first... Stolen Election the actors and plot: Here is where Trump comes in. Trump is the good guy - the 'white hat'. He will save the USA from the 'Deep State'. Biden (mumbling stumbling all part of the act) is the bad guy - black hat - a deep state puppet. The "Deep State" theme goes much deeper in this plot though then is generally understood. The deep state is not just the "radical left". The "Deep State" story line is that China is behind it all. China masterminded the election steal and installed Biden. Biden is a 'China-operative' (along with Hunter). China has infiltrated the US Government and has managed to gain control at every level - including the US court system all the way to the Supreme Court. Here is the reason why no courts would hear any 2020 election challenges.. This is a massive world-changing game being played. Many more states are supposedly preparing to do their own audits. This would take some time. Think for a moment here of the implications were the news to break that the 2020 presidential election was in fact to be declared invalid due to "foreign interference". It would without question be catastophic... And one more extremely important aspect not to be missed with this: sets up further causation to move toward the known agenda of the fake orchestrated make-believe Gog-Magog WWIII to take down entire existing world-system and replace it with the antichrist would-be zio-kingdom come [link]. China a key player in that production as the arch-villain. Made a virus (supposedly), tried to take over the USA... voila it's on [see: fake Gog-Magog] ..Note also: a lot of buzz late 2020 before the 'stolen election' about a coming 'dark winter'. Did not materialize so much winter 2020-21, but, perhaps, they were referring to this coming winter 2021-22.."  [see full post, maps, vid]

2.  7-14-21 'Stolen Election 2020' Scripted Narrative Increasing By The Day - Real Purpose 'Kraken' [Flashback] The USA (Vid)  "Not many realize 'Stolen Election 2020' was/is actually a fully scripted production of the Zio-Globalist Production Co. and that this particular production is not over. In fact, the way it is being managed - made to play out that is - things could begin to snowball before too long. Arizona 'audit results' pending anytime may shake the foundation, Pennsylvania and Georgia supposedly both in the beginning stages for an audit, Michigan, others, a lot of rumbling noises, providing cinematic effects - all of it just as scripted. And so the stage is set for the biggest show ever seen. That show would be literally the breakup of the USA ...some very real 'kraken' (cracking)..."  [see post/vid]

3.  7-16-21 AZ Releases First 'Stolen Election' Audit Results 7-15-21 Showing Clear Fraud - And So It Begins - 'Kraken' Script "Arizona finally did put out a first release of stolen-election 'audit results' - as seen here - making clear though that this is just the 'tip of the iceberg'... So is 'Stolen Election 2020' The Kraken Plan [link] really going to play out? Are they really going to go all the way with this? Note the numbers in this 'first release' [massive fraud] and then consider that, as the scripted story goes, Biden is said to have won AZ by only 10 thousand votes ...and with this just the "tip of the iceberg" ...and with the many other states on the verge of starting their own ‘audits’ ...it definitely is starting to now look very much like ‘it’s on’... stay tuned - fyi  [see full post, 'fraud-result' images]

Rev. 18:4

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