Hal Lindsey Show Eye-of-Horus Backdrop; Ananias, Gog-Magog DeluZion - Russia Not In Bible

Originally posted 2-21-15 [*all that much closer today] - excerpted:

These are excerpts only. Full post - "On 'The Hal Lindsey Report' And All Seeing Eye-Of-Horus Backdrop, Ananias, Gog-Magog Deception - Russia Not In The Bible" - linked at bottom
"Hal Lindsey is as well known a name in Christendom as there is today and needs little in the way of introduction. The purpose of this post does need a bit of an intro though, and is as follows: About Hal Lindsey, who is he really, and where did he come from, and how did he begin, and what does he teach, and is it true, and the very first thing considered here, why why why does he subject viewers of his television program to a continual exposure to an all seeing eye-of-Horus? Need to know things for any who may follow Hal Lindsey's teachings..."

"Note the time mark on this next image just below. It is clipped at ten seconds. This is the opening of the show. The show opens with the eye, and for a full ten seconds the eye has been doing it's hypnotizing best on viewers before fading out while Hal Lindsey fades in. The below image is virtually indiscernible at regular speed, it passes by in the 'blink of an eye'. That sort of thing is normally called subliminal..."

Opening of show - as the eye fades out Hal Lindsey fades in: Hal at one with 'the all-seeing-eye'
"The next consideration, very briefly just to get the overall view on Lindsey other than just the 'eye' on his television program and his initial appearance on the national stage Ananias-style [Acts 5:1-2], is what does Hal Lindsey teach and preach? Very clearly, and none can honestly dispute the fact that, aside from his regular inclusion of rapture preaching, Lindsey primarily preaches Israel, Israel, Israel, the land, the land, the land [link...Let whomsoever say what they will, 'Israel and the land' is not the Christian message of the cross and the blood of Jesus. "Israel and the Land" is the Judaized misdirection of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the mutated message of Zionist global domination - which has no place for the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (which is it's fatal flaw - link)...This is Hal Lindsey's true message, same message as fellow chief-preacher of Israel-worship John Hagee, and too many others to count; i.e. the coming Zionist-planned false Gog-Magog WWIII... [link]"

"This "Battle of the Ages" as Israel pitchman Lindsey has termed it...involving Russia, Iran, and China, has actually been in the planning stages for a very long time. Long before Lindsey came on the scene in fact, but the truth is that Lindsey was the one who brought this Judaized version of 'endtimes' into the so-to-speak 'modern era'. It was in fact the 'Late Great Planet Earth' book that Lindsey did not write that brought the teaching into the mainstream..."

Full post here: - Lindsey/Ananias 'Late Great Planet' ghost-written hoax; Russia-in-bible...Russia-is-Gog lies (Russia is not in the Bible); preeminent eye-of-Horus throughout Hal Lindsey Report; and more: link

Rev. 18:4


Meme said...

Brother, I'm confused. (Takes little!) I went to the Commentary for A.C. Gaebelein - learned here on your Blog he's good, and he IS. (I also use Matthew Henry's) When I get "stuck" I check his Commentaries along with Strong's. Anyway in this case, please see what he said about Russia not being there in Scripture. One of the beginning sentences stunned me - that the AV is not correct about something here..here's the link from BibleHub. Personally though I already knew that Gog-Magog is after the Millenial Reign from my own studying. God bless and keep you!
OH one more question - my yearning for Jesus to come and come for us is SO strong anymore, is yours like that? Here's the link:

tom m. said...

Gaebelein is an interesting case. Wrote so much that is profitable for study of many of the books of the bible, and especially regarding the 'nuts and bolts' of dispensationalism - i.e. overview - meaning the pre-trib rapture, followed by God dealing with the Jews, and then the millennial kingdom. But, the reality is he did not have all the specifics correct. For instance he puts Gog-Magog at the start of the millennial kingdom. Also problems with how he connects Daniel and Revelation regarding the 'little horn', the Antichrist, false prophet. Won't go into detail here but suffice it to say that his interpretations on these things are wrong. It should be noted that he wrote these things 100 years ago or so. The world was very different then. From my studies I've not come across any commentators back then who had it right. Couple things about this (1) it brings out how commentaries can be used; (2) if certain things are not interpreted correctly have to make a determination on whether any particular commentators work is useful or not - and how so.

For instance, for me, Gaebelein has still shown to be useful in a lot of ways. Probably the most beneficial is bringing out typology in the NT regarding dispensationalism. As for specific prophetic interpretations not being correct i just pass it over. Note: another commentary might put away and not use again - each case different. Gaebelein is unusual - some very good material, but also other issues, one being what you mentioned about the KJV being incorrect on certain words. You come across this pretty much throughout his writings. It is bothersome, but the reality again is it is nearly impossible to find any commentaries from that time period (when the bible was being changed circa 1881 start) to now, that this is not the case. So we then have to ask ourselves - was he part of the plan to change the bible - or did he not know. [*Like "Rosh" - was he part of the plot to institute the false Gog-Magog judaized-deception now forming, or did he not know?] "Try the spirits" - says 1 John 4:1.

(cont. below)

tom m. said...

As far as Gaebelein goes on that - his writings are unique enough with things not found elsewhere that they are still useful, although now also having to ignore all the "KJV is not the right interpretation" and... "the oldest and best manuscripts say.." stuff time and again. It is what it is..as the saying goes.

Anyway, so whether to use any commentary and to what degree, discernment should always be applied. The Holy Ghost is our teacher. Commentaries are at best 'helps'. *Note: the writings of Gaebelein on this site (mostly posted some time back) should be those things of his that have proven profitable and accurate, and have been intended to give evidence for the correctness of dispensationalism.

So hope this clears things up some... and yes definitely... Maranatha

Meme said...

Tm, I can't agree with you more! Praise God, I have been studying daily for a while so I have learned A LOT about how to take the meat out of their words and "spit out the bones". No one will ever convince me that the KJB is NOT the Inspired word of God, it clearly is. I DON'T think Gaebelein was one of the deceivers, not like we have today. I believe that chance would be slim. I have also learned to go from Scripture to Commentary and back to Scripture, praying for the Holy Ghost's lead. I trust none 100%, for sure. Only God's true word.
He does have a lot of information the others don't though and yes, what he does with the New Testament is really helpful when I don't catch those 'shadows" of the OT..indeed! Thanks again for leading me to him. I learn a lot every day. Once I start, an hour turns into four in the blink of an eye it seems. I never thought I could come to love Scripture and learning THIS much. OH, many saying the Rapture is today or tomorrow..hang on to your hat! (wish they'd not do that!) In any case, Maranatha!!