AZ Releases First 'Stolen Election' Audit Results 7-15-21 Showing Clear Fraud - And So It Begins - 'Kraken' Script

This post a follow up on: 'Stolen Election 2020' Scripted Narrative Increasing By The Day - Real Purpose 'Kraken' [Flashback] The USA (Vid) 6-14-21 "Not many realize 'Stolen Election 2020' was/is actually a fully scripted production of the Zio-Globalist Production Co. and that this particular production is not over. In fact, the way it is being managed - made to play out that is - things could begin to snowball before too long. Arizona 'audit results' pending anytime may shake the foundation, Pennsylvania and Georgia supposedly both in the beginning stages for an audit, Michigan, others, a lot of rumbling noises, providing cinematic effects - all of it just as scripted. And so the stage is set for the biggest show ever seen. That show would be literally the breakup of the USA ...some very real 'kraken' (cracking) --- So is the 'Stolen Election 2020' Kraken-Plan actually going to still happen...?" [see post]
The above was posted two days ago 7-14-21. Turns out, very next day 7-15-21 after months and months of drama, Arizona finally did put out a first release of stolen-election 'audit results' - as seen here - making clear though that this is just the 'tip of the iceberg':

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So is 'Stolen Election 2020' The Kraken Plan [link] really going to play out? Are they really going to go all the way with this? Note the numbers in this 'first release' and then consider that, as the scripted story goes, Biden is said to have won AZ by only 10 thousand votes ...and with this just the "tip of the iceberg" ...and with the many other states on the verge of starting their own ‘audits’ ...it definitely is starting to now look very much like ‘it’s on’... stay tuned - fyi

Rev. 18:4

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