Trump Speech 1-13-21 Cryptic Doublespeak Hints At Possible Military Takeover Washington DC? 2021 Inauguration [Vid]

Most have heard the wild rumors - i.e. the massive unprecedented military build-up in DC - land sea and sky - is to nullify the Biden inauguration for being fraudulent, thus leaving the USA without a sitting president. This would then put the country under immediate military rule. Another name for that is "martial law". Entire country under Martial Law, come right in through the backdoor. What a trick that would be - against 'the people'. As far as 'conspiracy theories' go, no doubt this is probably about the wildest one ever considered. Knowing about it, what is being suggested by all the different sources - that's good though. Believing it - there is no way to know. Fully informed always, eyes wide open, the only way to go. The below video falls into this category of fully informed. Trump speaking to the world with what could be considered a cryptic message about what is really going on in DC. Is it?:

Trump Speech 1-13-21 Cryptic Doublespeak Hints At Possible Military Takeover?
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Rev. 18:4


Anonymous said...

It's natural to look for answers and most important, HOPE, as this world is in the last stages of Gods grace.
Of course evil has been around since Adam and ALL the worlds systems are satanic because they belong to him (Satan), but this is the very first time that the entire world is "all in".
The elite will tell you straight out who they await for, so why my brother, the constant looking around for a white horse, some demonic politician, or the CERN project in which they think they can bring up Lucifer from Hell?

Brother, the blood washed saints HOPE, is in the Lord Jesus Christ not some political figure and you know that the world hates Christ. Our dreams, hope, love, plans, loyalty , and even citizenship is in a city not made with human hands and all live in righteousness. Why really!! We should be jumping up and down with smiles on all our faces as the time to see Him Face to Face approaches. Imagine! Meeting the one who shed His blood for our forgiveness and we can call Him friend!
This world should have no hold on us. What's here that is so important ? It has become so evil I have to leave the city every weekend to spend a few days in the mountains communicating with my Lord around the nature he created just to make it for another week.
We should be in much prayer and concern for our unsaved friends and neighbors and in keeping our eyes on Him, our thoughts should be great joy and desire.
in him dj

tom m. said...


Don't know about others but for me it is not looking for answers it is about not living in the ridiculous illusion - coming from every angle - that has been constructed around us. Not for a moment. Getting behind the movie set - as it were - to live in reality at least. That's mandatory for me. All the other things you mention - do them too (bad times or good times).