Covid-19 Greatest Psyop Of All Time: Most Significant, Telling Developments - February To July 2020 Timeline

Corona Fiction 2020 - The Greatest Psyop of All Time. Beginning Jan-Feb 2020, ongoing into now July 2020, with no end date i.e permanent. With that, it seemed good to have the links for all Corona-Fiction posts on a single page for easy reference. For the most part these are the major developments up to this point of the continually unfolding master-planned global population-control agenda called "Coronavirus". The below articles/posts prove these statements factual (more to come):
* 6-30-20  'Corona' Now Mutated, 10-Times More Infectious Say Psyop-Masters -- Must Be True Trump Said CV Has 'Superpowers' [Vid]

* 6-12-20  Surprise: '6-Ft. Social Distancing' Comes From The Jewish Talmud - It's A Global Talmudic Initiation [Dalet Amot]

* 5-31-20  George Floyd As-Above-So-Below Ritual Psyop: ZNWO Kneeling On Necks Of People By Fake-Corona Power-Grab, 'Can't Breathe' Symbolized By Face Masks

* 5-14-20  "Vitamin D" Hyped As 'Covid' Treatment - But Vitamin D Is Fake .. It Is Rat Poison 'Cholecalciferol' From A Lab

*5-10-20  H.R. 6666 Called The "TRACE Act": Test, Reach, And Contact Everyone - Like Ventura CA Has Begun [Vid] .. Covidscam '20

* 5-7-20  H.R. 6666 - New Bill For Nationwide 'Corona-Tracing' Program; Ventura County CA Already Starting - "Building Army"; WHO 4-1-20 [Vids]

* 4-26-20  Corona A Psyop Proven By Hidden Message In Name COVID: Certificate Of Vaccination ID ...Medical Authoritarianism

* 4-24-20  Did Trump Say Inject Bleach? - It's The 'Chaos Plan' ...On Purpose To "Make You Tired" [vid]

* 4-24-20  How To Dress For A Fake Pandemic - Make A Fashion Statement

* 4-17-20  'Corona Recovery Plan' Dividing USA Into Regions - Just Like Hunger Games, 'USA 2050' Map: Plan-demic Proof Agenda 21

* 4-14-20  Trump Says Fake-Corona is Brilliant, Genius - Has Superpowers In Other Words ..War On You -- Simpsons 'House Cat Flu' Match, SNL [Vid]

* 4-9-20  'Coronavirus' Illusion Bringing In 'Hunger Games' - Trump Inauguration 1-20-17 (Melania Blue Dress) Told It - 'Coriolanus'

* 4-3-20  Exclusive - Leaked Covid-19 Death Certificate _ Corona-World-Order Ordo Ab Chao

* 4-1-20 Corona Scam-demic 4-1-20 - WHO: Remove People From Homes, Lockdowns Not Lifted Until Control Grid In Place - vid

* 3-31-20  Fake Pandemic Now They Are Mocking: 2nd Cat 'Gets Corona' -- Just Like Simpsons 'House Cat Flu' - Yuk Yuk Get It?

* 3-29-20  Australia To Deploy "Pandemic Drones" To Detect 'Fever, Coughing' -- Fake-Corona Zio-NWO 'Chill' Dissent

* 3-27-20  National Guard Door To Door In Dallas To "Trace Corona Contacts"; Covid19 Scam Is NWO Cattle-Training

* 3-27-20  Trump Signs Executive Order Authorizing Call-Up Of One Million Reservists To 'Fight Coronavirus' - "If Necessary"

* 3-25-20  You Are In A Drill - Codename 'Covid-19': Deborah Birx 3-17-20 "We're Creating A Roadmap For..Future Pandemics" [vid]

* 3-22-20  Corona Scam 2020: CA Plans To Drone-Police 'Quarantine' - China, Italy, Spain Already Underway; They Live '88 [Vid]

* 3-22-20  NWO Corona Plan-demic Led By God-Cursing Trump: You Knew I Was A Snake Before You Took Me In - Give Vicious Bite; NC 7-17-19 Antichrist Demo

* 3-19-20  Corona Delusion - Why Do You Think They Call It 'Novel'? - Because It's Fiction; Truth Hidden In Plain Sight

* 3-15-20  Coronavirus Fake Germie Thing Ultra-Magnified Reveals The Reality - Corona A Massive Hoax ... 'Cattle' Plan

* 3-12-10  2020 Corona-Hoax Tom Hanks Tests Positive - 2016 Hanks Pandemic Movie 'Inferno' -- Hidden In Plain Sight [vid]

* 3-10-20  Corona-Hoax 3-10-20 National Guard Deployed In NY - 25 Yrs. To The Day After Movie "Outbreak" Released With Same Plot

* 3-9-20  2016 Zika Put New CDC "Communicable Disease" Laws On Books - 'Invisible Corona' Now Putting Them In Use 2020

* 3-3-20  MA Senate, House Pass Forced Vaccine By Police, Taking Children - Wait That Was Swine '09 Hoax - Was It A Dry Run For Permanent Corona-fiction? Simpsons [vid]

* 3-2-20  NBC News Reporting Possible "Emergency Declaration" Pending On Corona-fiction - FEMA Prepping To Seize Power

* 2-27-20  Wall Street Biggest One-Day Drop In History Blamed On 'Magical Do-Anything-Coronavirus' - Has 666, 9/11 Numerology

* 2-17-20  2020 'Coronavirus' Fiction - Just Like Simpsons Fake Pandemic Episode 2010 'Purrfect Storm'

* 2-4-20  "Coronavirus" Just A Rerun Of 'Swine '09' Global Hoax: 2009 Fox Scare Vid Martial Law (Hoax World 2020 - Never Stops)


Rev. 18:4
Psalms 37:16 'A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of many wicked'

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