Australia To Deploy "Pandemic Drones" To Detect 'Fever, Coughing' -- Fake-Corona Zio-NWO 'Chill' Dissent

Pandemic Drones That Can Detect Fever Will Take to the Sky

"Drones are being increasingly called into action during the COVID-19 crisis, primarily as surveillance tools and mobile speakers to remind people about the importance of lockdown. But there are other use-cases for drones, too. Last month, Digital Trends wrote about how Draganfly, one of the longest-serving commercial drone companies, was working on technology to use drones in the coronavirus pandemic — by utilizing an onboard thermal sensor and smart computer vision technology to allow them to make potential diagnoses from a distance. This could make it more efficient to take temperature readings than the current method of employing devices like handheld infrared thermometers.

On Thursday, March 26, Draganfly announced that it has been chosen and agreed a deal to deploy its COVID-19-sensing drones in Australia. Working with the Australian Department of Defense and the University of South Australia, the Draganfly deployment will see it using its “pandemic drones” to remotely monitor and detect people with infectious and respiratory conditions to help stop the further spread of the disease in Australia. The project has an initial budget of $1.5 million... Cameron Chell, CEO of Draganfly, told Digital Trends."

Note from above article excerpt - last line:

CEO of "Draganfly" named 'Chell'. Once again, here is the name-game. They do love the name game: Chell = 'chill' ... as in 'chilling' dissent ...to the draconian new-order being brought in by the massive global fake-plandemic. And what could be more "chilling' than being trailed by a drone reporting all your info back to HQ. Corona plandemic - the would-be zio-kingdom-kome con-job [see: Jonathan Cahn - The Harbinger] of the ages...

Any still unconvinced that this Corona-Covid sick-show is a fully staged choreographed Big Brother 1984 circus production - sleight of hand, smoke, mirrors, absolute control of the global media and every single speaking voice... and a zio-hollywood script? If so, might want to think about it a little more. Cui bono? - it could not be any plainer to see.

Note: NWO drone surveillance has now begun worldwide. This 'new paradigm' will be permanent. Needed this big show to make it happen. Be fully informed.
 Rev. 18:4


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Isaiah 27:1 'In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea'

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