2-27-20 Wall Street Biggest One-Day Drop In History Blamed On 'Magical Do-Anything-Coronavirus' - Has 666, 9/11 Numerology

Dow largest one-day point drop in HISTORY as coronavirus fears fuel the worst week on Wall Street since the Great Recession

U.S. stock indexes plunged dramatically yet again on Thursday [2-27-20], as the rapid spread of the coronavirus outside China deepens investor worries about growth and corporate earnings ... The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 1,190.95 points, or 4.42 percent, to 25,766.64, the largest one-day point drop in history. It comes during the quickest market plunge on a percentage basis since the financial crisis of October 2008.

Wall Street Worst Single-Day Point-Drop In History 2-27-20 ... 9/11 666

Wall street closing number 2-27-20:  25,766.64
Change on day:  -1,190.95

That is a 666 and a 9/11. A 666 on the closing number, and on the loss for the day - the largest point loss in history - a 9/11. Worst one-day point drop in the history of Wall Street [2-27-20] - and connected to - blamed on that is - the so-called Coronavirus. What are the chances that those two numbers, 666 and 9/11, would appear on the "worst day" ever? Well actually the chances are about 100% - if understood that everything is scripted and manipulated, including the financial markets; that everything regarding those is according to the whims of the "wizards of Wall Street"; and that that designation is not just a 'cute name' but a very real truth - because they actually do practice wizardry - i.e. sorcery - which actually has a name - Kaballah - and that this wizardry-sorcery is always at all times in every instance done with numerology.

Magic numbers to create magic results to bring about the Magic Kingdom - is the deluded-reality driving the deluded hidden orchestrators of world events - to bring about their desired magic-kingdom goals [2Thes. 2:9]. Many are well aware of this as fact by now - but still not most.

Anyway, naturally speaking of course, the chance of those two numbers showing up, together, on the worst day ever? - Two chances only - nil and zilch - and those two have the same last name which is Zero. Would not happen in other words.

As to the Corona factor: Worst-ever, manipulated Wall Street numbers, blamed on magical do-anything 'Coronavirus' that came out of nowhere, and has a mind of it's own apparently because it keeps doing all sorts of new and surprising things, which utterly defy common sense and reason, and is in fact already being used like a 'magic key' to open the door for all sorts of 'problem-reaction-solution' furtherance's of known magic-kingdom global agendas - what must we conclude? Answer: Corona (non-existent) has to be a Psyop. A massive magic-kingdom agenda. 9/11 and 666 signed off on.
Note also on everything make-believe orchestrated scripted faked for the one-world would-be Zio-kingdom cause: prior to coronavirus taking over the attention of the entire world what was the last thing that dominated the world news for months and months endlessly - oh yeah - it was the ridiculous obvious endlessly-twisting made-up impeachment charade. Interesting thing - virtually the day that the impeachment reality-tv show ended - pretty much the very next day even - came big bad "Corona". Out of the blue literally. Global pandemic. Overnight. Just like that it's here. Yes folks it's true believe us would we lie to you? What timing.

Everything make-believe. The magical would-be Antichrist zio-kindgdom-kome [link] will not build itself.

Wizards gone wild trying their hardest to get it done crunching their numbers - they're behind it all - that's the reality of this world 2020.

Come out - it is going to fall.  [Isaiah 9:6 - vidlink]

Rev. 18:4
see all: corona-fiction
Revelation 18:2 'And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. '

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