Coronavirus Fake Germie Thing Ultra-Magnified Reveals The Reality - Corona A Massive Hoax ... 'Cattle' Plan

All have seen this ridiculous looking thing that is supposed to be a 'coronavirus'. It's everywhere. Every television newscast has these floating around in the background behind the teleprompter readers while spouting the latest 'updates'. That is called hypnotizing. That is called brainwash. It's the boogeyman - BOO - I'm gonna gitcha - yes I am. Reality is Operation Coronavirus does not work without this little germie-thing being continually forced into the subconscious minds of John Q. Public. For these reasons this ridiculous-looking supposed corona-virus needs a closer examination under greater magnification:



Yup...there it is.  ['coronavirus germ' - it's fake]

Ultimately Operation Corona is about taking personal autonomy from the individual. Precedents of all types are being set. Things never before seen. Martial law, quarantines, travel controls, medical authoritarianism - including pushing the vax-agenda to new heights, communitarian objectives, and more, across the entire globe (using the new laws passed during Swine '09, Zika hoaxes - link). Without question the greatest largest most fantastic problem-reaction-solution ordo-ab-chao exercise ever conducted. Remains to be seen how long the operation is to be carried out. However long that is, the thing to understand is that all these new precedents have in fact been set, and as designed - it is very obvious - will eventually be made 'the new normal'. That is all there is to it. And the little germie-thing made it all possible.

Making the people cattle, and treating them as such - like a herd. Zio-Goy-agenda [see: minions] is the absolute bottom line of what is going on here.

Rev. 18:4
Compare: Plannedopolis - communitarianism/privatization planned future (and Trump) 12-8-16

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John 8:12 'Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life'


Linda said...

Thank you for continuing to warn and encourage us in these very dark times. There is a hymn GRANT US WISDOM, GRANT US COURAGE FOR THE LIVING OF THESE DAYS.K

If the world is going to Gethsemene, pray that an angel will come and strengthen his church and all the suffering including us. The Bible ends with a blessing, THE GRACE OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST BE WITH YOU ALL, I like to say with US all.

Bless you for continuing to proclaim God's words of encouragement for these times.

Linda said...

The last words of JESUS on the cross are very powerful, the Lutherans sing this much more than Catholics though it was written by a priest who worked with the very poorest people in Birmingham England in the 1800s. It is called Swedish Litany maybe because of the tune.

Jesus, in Thy dying woes, (Swedish Litany)
Jesus, With Thy Church Abide (Litany of the Passion)
Jesus, in Thy dying woes
Author: Thomas Benson Pollock

2.5K subscribers

Part 1
Father forgive them. Luke 23:34

Jesus, in Thy dying woes,
Even while Thy lifeblood floes,
Craving pardon for Thy foes;
Hear us, holy Jesus.

Savior, for our pardon sue,
When our sins Thy pangs renew,
For we know not what we do:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

O may we, who mercy need,
Be like Thee in heart and deed,
When with wrong our spirits bleed:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

Part 2
Today thou shalt be with me in Paradise Luke 23:43

Jesus, pitying the sighs
Of the thief, who near Thee dies,
Promising him paradise;
Hear us, holy Jesus.

May we, in our guilt and shame,
Still Thy love and mercy claim,
Calling humbly on Thy Name:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

O remember us who pine,
Looking from our cross to Thine;
Cheer our souls with hope divine:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

Part 3
Women, behold Thy Son - John 19:26

Jesus, loving to the end
Her whose heart Thy sorrows rend,
And Thy dearest human friend:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

May we in Thy sorrows share,
And for Thee all peril dare,
And enjoy Thy tender care:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

May we all Thy loved ones be,
All one holy family,
Loving for the love of Thee,
Hear us, holy Jesus.

Part 4
My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me - Matt 27:46

Jesus, whelmed in fears unknown,
With our evil left alone,
While no light from Heav'n is shown:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

When we seem in vain to pray,
And our hopes seem far away,
In the darkness be our stay:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

Though no Father seem to hear,
Though no light our spirits cheer,
Tell our faith that God is near:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

Part 5
I Thirst - John 19:28

Jesus, in Thy thirst and pain,
While Thy wounds Thy lifeblood drain,
Thirsting more our love to gain:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

Thirst for us in mercy still;
All Thy holy work fulfill;
Satisfy Thy loving will:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

May we thirst Thy love to know;
Lead us in our sin and woe
Where the healing waters flow:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

Part 6
It is finished - John 19:30

Jesus, all our ransom paid,
All Thy Father's will obeyed,
All Thy suff'rings perfect made:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

Save us in our soul's distress,
Be our help to cheer and bless,
While we grow in holiness:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

Brighten all our heavenward way
With an ever holier ray
Till we pass to perfect day:
Hear us, holy Jesus

Part 7
Father, into Thy hands.. Luke 23:46

Jesus, all Thy labor vast,
All Thy woe and conflict past,
Yielding up Thy soul at last:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

When the death shades round us lower,
Guard us from the temper's power,
Keep us in that trial hour:
Hear us, holy Jesus.

May Thy life and death supply
Grace to live and grace to die,
Grace to reach the home on high:
Hear us, holy Jesus.