There It Is: Mail-Bomb Alleged Suspect Name 'Sayoc' Reveals Clear Hoax/Psyop ... Sayoc Is 'Cayos' (Chaos); And 'The Plan'

Pipe bomb suspect: Cesar Sayoc, Jr. in custody for allegedly sending suspicious packages

A Florida man with a troubled past was identified Friday as the suspect who sent more than a dozen pipe bomb packages to prominent critics of President Donald Trump, law enforcement officials said.

DNA evidence played a role in the arrest of 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc Jr.

The dramatic development came on the same day that four new suspicious packages were found, according to law enforcement.

Sayoc = cayos

cayos = chaos = ordo ab chao

[also: Cesar/scare]

Ordo ab chao all day long is all the game all the time.

Name game tells all that needs to be known here. Way too easy this one. Must be convulsing in laughter over it.


Ordo ab chao all day long is the whole game...i.e. 'the plan'. And there is no plan 'b'. That this is exactly the fact of it can be seen in this post/video from about a year ago 10-4-17 hiding in plain sight - Trump the 'chaos' president' by plan:

SNL 9-30-17 Reveals Kabbala-Truth In Trump-Skit: "Chaos..Is All Part Of The Plan" [Day Before Las Vegas]

Saturday Night Live 9-30-17 revealing real-world zio-cabal occult-sorcery truth, slipping it into the opening skit as part of a 'Trump spoof'. Disclaimer: It's a six minute video, unfunny, mocking, and at the end pushing pedophilia. No reason to watch really - except for one little segment from about 2:40 to around 3:10 where the Trump-character, in true hidden Kabala-Kode style, as part of the mockery of the skit, reveals the actual reality of everything happening in the world today. Namely that the unending 'chao' all around the world, and Trump's role in keeping it continual, is "all part of the plan":
Youtube: The Chaos President Cold Open - SNL 9-30-17

2:40 - "Well trust me it may seem like what's coming out of my mouth is b..a..n..a..n..a..n..a..s but it's all part of the plan..."

2:50 -
"The more chaos I cause the less people can focus...they're all getting so tired...so tired..."

3:02 -
"see I'm bending time...so let's keep the chaos coming and shake things up around here..."

777-Trump the "chaos president"? It has been more than obvious from the get-go, but here now stated openly, making a joke out of it though. And how many 'get the joke'? Definitely note also how it is that this was broadcast the night before the massive 'ordo ab chao' production of Las Vegas/Mandalay Bay 10-1-17. All part of the plan? No doubt [link]. Anybody tired of it?

But they're not joking about "the plan". It's real. Looks like this: [see full post]


Note especially the word "everything" in the quote from above image. Originally posted 1-8-15 [quote source documented and quote validated authentic - link].

Everything false? Answer: They only tell the truth when they tell on themselves - kabbalah kode. This 'truth' of everything-false is now absolute reality. Nothing nothing nothing is how/what it is made out to be. Total wash (including now the internet) 2018. Stand back, stand clear, observe do not partake, be not deluded by their grand delusion. Babylon will fall is fallen.

Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 21:9 'And, behold, here cometh a chariot of men, with a couple of horsemen. And he answered and said, Babylon is fallen, is fallen; and all the graven images of her gods he hath broken unto the ground'


Primrose said...

Excellent post. Yes, I've noticed that chaos is a major tool in their arsenal. With God's guidance, my eyes are connecting the dots. Are you familiar with "chaos magic"? I've only recently learned what it is, but I think the principle behind it line up with all that we see going on. Thanks.

tom m. said...

Primrose -

Yes i'm familiar with the concept of what they call 'chaos magic'. It is man attempting to create his own reality by using 'chaos' - that is - not following any sort of 'traditonal' rituals or system of magic practices, but making it up as they go basically .. which what they've got then is essentially a hodge-podge of all the different mysticisms. Freestyling it, so to speak, is how they see themselves.

Nothing new under the sun though. New look, but same old thing, just warmed over and repackaged for the 'new modern crowd'. Designed for the 'have it your way' generation. Some of this, a little of that, couple of these, and off you go. You'll be a god in no time...is the sales pitch.

But, same as the 'old crowd', all they are doing is opening themselves to and interacting with actual real devils who continually repeat to them that original lie - 'ye shall be as gods' [Gen. 3:3-5] ...so as to possess them.

No doubt this chaos-magic 'mindset' is involved with all that is going on, as you point out.

Rev. 18:4