'Gender-cide' A Global Conspiracy: French Company Pushing "Unisex" Toys; And 1st-Ever Gendercide T-Shirt

Related to: NWO 'Gender-cide' Going Off Chart: NY 'Pronoun Ban' To Fine Business Up To 250K For Transgender 'Resistance' 12-25-15 "'Gender-cide'. All have heard the term 'genocide' - the destruction of a certain national, racial, or cultural group. What the would-be novus-ordo-seclorum social-architects are now perpetrating upon the global populations is no different - the attempt to eliminate "gender"...No male, no female in the new transgender world order...only 'minions' -- The 'minions', who live only to happily serve an evil master..." [see post]
Youtube: "No more cars for boys and dolls for girls! A French shop has launched a 'unisex' collection in an attempt at promoting gender equality in Europe. Critics though say, in some cases this goes too far and spells absurd...

First gendercide T-shirt in the history of mankind sighted in France (clipped from above video)
Gender-cide - it is a full-blown conspiracy, and it is fully global. And will only get worse. Being proactive is imperative parents...because they are coming for your sons and daughters.

Rev. 18:4

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