'Ordo Ab Chao' Hacker-Psyop Repeated Again (JPMorgan): Call For "Major Cybersecurity Legislation" Repeated Also

Related to: Ordo Ab Chao Daily: Russian 'Password-Hackers' Hoax Brings Push For NSTIC "Internet ID"  8-7-14 "[5-7-14] "A plot by the Obama administration to impose Internet IDs on Americans is now officially being rolled out, with pilot programs for the controversial online “driver’s license” scheme already beginning in both Michigan and Pennsylvania...Officially known as the “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace,” or NSTIC for short, outlines of the plan were initially floated by the Obama administration’s “Homeland Security” apparatus in 2010 [link]'...Some have dubbed this a "driver's license" for the internet" - Bad bad Russian hackers hack 1.2 billion passwords? This one is so high up on the list of things not-believable that it is literally off-the-chart. And of course as the overly-obvious script goes, this is supposed to demonstrate to all just how 'desperate' the need is to fully and finally implement the mission-critical ZWO agenda item titled the "National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace" aka NSTIC, which has been on the back burner since 2010...Linking the world into an "identity ecosystem". It's for your safety. One person, one number, or "ID"...digital world citizenship...' [see post]
Lawmakers push cyber law after JPMorgan hack

Lawmakers are calling for action on cybersecurity legislation following news that 76 million household accounts were affected in a massive hack at JPMorgan Chase.

Though Congress has so far been unable to advance major cybersecurity legislation, some lawmakers said that should change.

“The longer we wait to take action, the more vulnerable we become, and as we've seen today, Americans will pay the price,” Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) said in a statement late on Thursday, after the Wall Street giant disclosed that information about 76 million household accounts and 7 million small business accounts had been stolen.

Congress must work to pass legislation that will improve our capabilities and protect us against more attacks like these,” King added. “The next Pearl Harbor will be cyber, and shame on us if we're not prepared for it.”

Congress has looked to pass some type of anti-hacking bill for years...The effort got a boost nearly a year ago, after a major data breach at Target compromised 40 million shoppers’ credit and debit cards. But subsequent attacks at other outlets — including this summer’s theft of 56 million people’s card data from Home Depot — has yet to result in legislation.

With Congress scheduled to hold only a short session after the November elections, the issue is likely to go unaddressed until at least next year.

re: '...effort got a boost nearly a year ago...Congress must work to pass legislation'

Unknown hackers are wreaking havoc throughout cyberspace say the would-be overlords of the planned New-Atlantis. Just less than a year ago [1-'14] it was a major attack on Target, said to have been masterminded by a 'Russian teen'. Before anybody could feel cyber-safe again, less than two months ago some super-hacking unidentified 'Russians', we are told (it's the Russians again), got their hands on 1.2 billion passwords, and who knows what mischief could be done with all those [8-'14; see 'related to' above]. Be afraid, very afraid, was the not-so-subtle message conveyed.

Then just one month ago it was millions of g-mail accounts supposedly compromised [9-'14]. Without missing a beat, right about the same time [9-'14] the mystery all-powerful hackers managed to somehow get their paws on Home Depot's file systems too, creating the further potential for even more 'chaotic-ness' in the financial realms. And of course now, we are told, the unidentifiable mystery hackers who are outsmarting the entire world of internet-security experts have breached JPMorgan [10-'14] and gained enough information to where a scenario of potential-chaos for years to come is now very possible, according to the (script) official story line.

Or, it's all staged to force the digital-control internet-identity agenda, and will be repeated endlessly until it's a done deal. You decide.
 Rev. 18:4
Thus saith the LORD on the ZWO: 'When They Shall Say, Peace And Safety; Then Sudden Destruction Cometh' - 1Thes. 5:3

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