10-13-14: Vatican Synod Sanctions Homosexual-Agenda - Catholics Moved Toward Antichrist One-World-Religion

Follow up on: Catholic Homosexualization Advancing: Francis Appointee Says Church Must Welcome "Unconventional Couples" 8-30-14 "'...in October the Vatican will host a synod of the world’s top bishops to discuss issues facing the modern family. How to deal with gay and cohabiting couples is a likely topic of discussion... [as well] ...the question of whether Catholics who have divorced and remarried without an annulment can take Communion' - Homosexuality to be sanctioned by the Catholic Church? It's a foregone conclusion Catholic...The dialectic always 'erodes' the existing by degree - not all at once - but compromised point by compromised point until the unthinkable is not only thinkable but actually accepted...Catholic, other doctrinal issues aside for the moment, this is not the Holy Spirit of God. No, it is another 'spirit' entirely - it is "the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience" (Eph. 2:2) [see post]
Vatican stuns Catholic world with greater openness toward gays and lesbians

VATICAN CITY — The world’s Catholic bishops on Monday (Oct. 13) signaled a move toward greater tolerance of gays and lesbians, an about-face so unexpected that leaders of the church’s right wing called it a “betrayal.”

Noting that gays and lesbians have “gifts and qualities” to offer the church, the midpoint assessment reflected the impact that Pope Francis seems to be having on the two-week Synod on the Family as he pushes for a more open, less doctrinaire approach.

While they reaffirmed their opposition to gay marriage and same-sex unions, the bishops’ groundbreaking document nonetheless said homosexuality called for “serious reflection” and described it as an “important educative challenge” for the church.

While no decisions or doctrinal changes were announced, the report was described as an “earthquake” by John Thavis, journalist and author of the best-selling book, “The Vatican Diaries.”

While reinforcing marriage between a man and a woman, the bishops noted that gay partnerships had merit — moving toward the more inclusive approach signaled by Pope Francis when he famously responded “Who am I to judge?” when asked about homosexuality.

“The specific language used about lesbian and gay people is astonishingly new,” Duddy-Burke said from Boston.

“Those who are controlling the synod have betrayed Catholic parents worldwide,” said Voice of the Family co-founder John Smeaton.

“We believe that the synod’s mid-way report is one of the worst official documents drafted in Church history.

re: 'the impact that pope Francis seems to be having...less doctrinaire'

The dialectic never sleeps, and never fails to meet it's objective. It is insidious. The only defense is to opt out, which is to say, head for the door and do not look back. To not 'opt out' is to succumb. This fact is being openly demonstrated by the globalist-ZWO genderless-transformation agend-ites now unleashing their dark-magical methodologies upon the Catholic religion. It is never all at once, always by degree. This big "Vatican synod" is holding true to the rule. While "reaffirming their opposition to gay marriage and same-sex unions", a new-world-pope Bergoglio/Francis style "less doctrinaire" twist has been added which officially adopts the position that "gays and lesbians have gifts and qualities to offer the church", and that "gay partnerships had merit" - which is to say, officially, by the Vatican itself, that homosexual behavior is no sin. Defying the LORD God in other words [link]. Note also that this is only the first half statement. What comes out of the darkness in the second half remains to be seen [Jer. 7:8-10].

Regardless of what follows, it is now at this point impossible to stay in the Catholic church without accepting these positions. Merely physically remaining in a Catholic assembly will mean acquiescence. Grudgingly or willingly, succumbing just the same. Well, many will say, we are still against "gay marriage" so it will be okay...And just like that, they have had their minds changed...permanently. That is the working of the dialectic.
The reality of the change the Catholic church worldwide is being subjected to by the Vatican-ites, led of course by New-World-Pope Jesuit (Zionist) Bergoglio/Francis, is not at all difficult to ascertain. All has been planned long in advance, and the end goal made completely obvious by noting the progression of scripted events, beginning with the early 2013 stepping down of Benedict followed by the stepping up of Bergoglio, which was the topic of these previous posts:

'New World Pope' Francis One Year Old Today [3-13-14] - 'New World' Assimilation Of Catholic Church In Full Swing 3-13-14 "Paradigm shift. It's a phrase that has had a lot of air time over the last few years...When Benedict 'suddenly' bowed out of his pope-dom a little more than a year ago, the Catholic Church paradigm-shift[ed] into high gear. Before the dust even settled, Bergoglio/Francis was moved in and already nicknamed the "New World Pope". Hitting the ground running, the rhetoric began to fly out of the papal headquarters faster than seagulls released to chase doves [link], espousing every radical transformative agenda item on the zionist-new-world manifesto, from endorsing atheism to denouncing opponents of abortion and homosexuality i.e. sodomy...To whom it may concern, Catholic church people that means you, these facts must be faced. The issues could not be any more serious. Catholicism is being delivered up to the Antichrist 'new-world'.

New Pope Arrives 3-13-13: Bergoglio Anagram and "Last Pope Prophecy" 3-13-13 "Basically the way this is being laid out ['Last Pope Prophecy'] is that the incoming pope is 'prophesied' to be an impostor [i.e. the biblical 'false prophet'] who is going to come in and destroy the Catholic church and usher in the apocalypse. The destruction of the Catholic church very likely is exactly what will occur. The Catholic church must also be broken down and subjugated to the Zionist global agenda, and eventually put under talmudic jewish noahide control along with every other world religion [link]"

Sin is in Catholic, which is clear evidence that the Catholic church worldwide is being openly merged into the one-world-church of Antichrist. Staying in means automatic membership. Rationalizing is surrender to the dialectic. Tarry not in Sodom is what the angels said to Lot, for, said they, Sodom is to be destroyed. [Gen. 19:12,13]

Rev. 18:4
10-16-14 update: Vatican Alters 'Homosexual-Endorsing' Document English Version But Not Italian - 'Faggioli' Says It Is "Falsification"

10-19-14 update: 2014 Vatican Synod Final Report Enables Homosexual Agenda - Despite Contrary Claims - Using Semantics
Ephesians 5:6 'Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience'

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