"Sermon Subpoena" 2010 Flashback: Houston Inaugurates Openly Lesbian Mayor (Annise Parker), Joel Osteen Prays To Thank 'god'

As most are aware as the story has inundated the WWW, this same Annise Parker is the 'villian' in the current homosexual-sermon-subpoena-psyop. How the script ultimately plays out remains to be seen, nevertheless, even if the usual two steps forward one step back game is being played, the scheme is obviously intended to set a precedent. It is no surprise. In fact it should be noted that this production has been perfectly timed to coincide with the release of the new version of homosexuality-promoting Catholicism the Vatican is now unveiling to all the world [link]. Again, all of this is to be expected. The dreamed-for genderless-world won't build itself. None of the things transpiring today are cause for fretting though [Ps. 37:1-2], for these things must come to pass, and they will [Ps. 92:7], until "the transgressors come to the full" [Dan. 8:23]. It is at this very point that it will all come to naught, for the "stone...cut out without hands" (Dan. 2:34-35), the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, will then, at the appointed time, smite with crushing power all the works of rebellious men (see: 'the stone the builders rejected' - Dan 2).

Another thing most certain - without a doubt none of Osteen's sermons would ever be at risk of subpoena. At any rate, Joel Osteen's 'god' [2Cor. 4:4] must have heard his prayer back in January 2010:


Apostasy gone wild 2010 [1-4-10 link]
Joel Osteen and Annise Parker: Strange Stage-fellows

Houston is the home of Lakewood Church – the mega-church that meets in an old sports arena that seats tens of thousands every Sunday. The leader of that church, televangelist and best-selling author Joel Osteen, gave the opening prayer as Houston inaugurated Annise Parker as mayor last week. Parker took the oath on her grandmother's Bible, held by her partner, Kathy Hubbard.
That's right, Mayor Parker is a lesbian..
Osteen blessed the new mayor, praying at her inauguration:
"God, we just thank you for raising her up. We honor her today and other elected officials . . . We count it a joy and an honor to be here."
Michael Jones over at Change.org celebrated Osteen's appearance at the inauguration: "But give both Osteen and Parker some credit. Today was a day for the history books for LGBT politicians, and also a day where a socially conservative evangelical leader and a progressive lesbian mayor found some common ground in celebrating a victory."
re: 'day for the history books'
History was made 1-4-10 as Houston became the largest U.S. city with an openly gay mayor. History was also made because a perceived-to-be christian 'preacher' sanctioned the 'gala' event and gave the opening prayer. And that's not all. Looking closely and comparing the two photos, a strange irony is apparent: who is using a bible and who is not?

It does not get much more much pathetic than this.

The Word of God foretells of the corrupted condition of the 'outward professing church' as being the final state of Christendom, and tells us that at that time it will merge into and become part of the global system of the Antichrist. This is biblical prophecy (Rev. 3:16-17). The true church, as opposed to the "outward professing" one, is to be separated out from this corrupted parody of religiousness (2 Cor. 6:17).

That time has come. The apostasy of the outward-professing church is absolutely out of control, as epitomized by the likes of Joel Osteen with his brand of 'self' help/empowerment, 'worldly-success' seeking, devoid of scriptural truth, and with no Godly standard to uphold in the first place pseudo-christianity.
If you will not separate, you will become a partaker of her sins, as have the homosexuality-blessing, bible-less 'preachers of Laodicea' circa 2010, of which Osteen is the poster boy.

 Rev. 18:4

compare: Rick Warren's Blasphemous Inaugural Prayer 1-21-09
also: To Apostate Teachers Of Christendom 2009: Woe 12-5-09
Jude 13a 'Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame'

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