Who Chose Who? Christian 'Free-Willers' (Arminianism) Are Idolaters - Augustus Toplady; 1740-1748

Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory for Thy mercy, and for Thy truth's sake  Psalm 115:1

SOME expositors have supposed, that this Psalm was penned by the prophet Daniel; on occasion of the miraculous deliverance of Shadrac, Meshac, and Abednego, when they came out, unhurt, from the burning fiery furnace, into which they had been thrown by the command of king Nebuchadnezzar. And, indeed, there are not wanting passages, in the Psalm itself, which seem to countenance this conjecture. As where we read, at the fourth verse (speaking of the idols of the heathens, and, perhaps, with particular reference to that golden image which Nebuchadnezzar commanded to be worshipped), their idols are silver and gold, the work of men's hands: they have mouths, but they speak not; eyes have they but they see not.

I dare say, that, in such an auditory as this, a number of Arminians are present. I fear, that all our public assemblies have too many of them. Perhaps, however, even these people, idolaters as they are, may be apt to blame, and, indeed, with justice, the absurdity of those who worship idols of silver and gold, the work of men's hands. But let me ask: If it be so very absurd, to worship the work of other men's hands; what must it be, to worship the works of our own hands? Perhaps, you may ask, "God forbid that I should do so." Nevertheless, let me tell you, that trust, confidence, reliance, and dependence, for salvation, are all acts and very solemn ones too, of divine worship: and upon whatsoever you depend, whether in whole or in part, for your acceptance with God, and for your justification in His sight, whatsoever, you rely upon, and trust in, for the attainment of grace or glory; if it be any thing short of God in Christ, you are an idolater to all intents and purposes.

Excerpted from ARMINIANISM: THE GOLDEN IDOL OF FREEWILL by Augustus Toplady 1740-1778

Rock of Ages; Augustus Toplady - 1775

Who chose who?

John 15:16 'Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you...' [saith Christ Jesus the Lord]

as is the case with every truly regenerate believer...and...that choice was made before the foundation of the world [Eph. 1:3-4]...and to see it through, because you were dead in sin and trespasses, you had to be quickened [Eph. 2:1]

Rev. 18:4

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