Genderless NWO: New White House "Guidebook" Forces 'Genderlessness' On Federal Employees

Related to: Insurance Companies Being Mandated To Pay For Sex-Changes As "Gender Dysphoria" Now "Bonafide" 3-1-14 ""gender dysphoria" is now recognized as a "bonafide medical condition", the "expression" of it belonging to a "protected class"...In other words, no religious or morally opposing view will be recognized as having any validity any longer. It's bonafide, it's protected, says BB. This then creates a pretext to class any "opposition" as "hate speech". Interesting how that is - the "genderless-agenda" also now becomes a powerful tool in the ZWO war on dissent as it is providing a necessary opportunity to demonstrate stripping away the "right to dissent".
White House 'destroying morality' with transgender agenda

[excerpted] Federal employees are being told by a new guidebook released under the Obama administration that supervisors and coworkers need to use the pronoun for a worker that the worker picks, not necessarily that which reflects their gender, and failure to do that could “create a risk of harm to the employee.”

The stunning guidance arrived as part of the “Office of Personnel Management diversity guidebook", which, in a fashion similar to the controversial “school bathroom bill” in California, allows workers to choose which restroom facility they will use, men’s or women’s, without documentation of their medical procedures.

It’s just the latest advance in the transgender agenda adopted by the Obama administration, which on Friday prompted a powerful legal team that advocates for traditional marriage values to conclude, “Move over sonograms: you can no longer determine if it is a boy or a girl, according to the secularists in the White House who believe that sex is only determined by subjective belief, not biology.”

The guidelines note that referring to a man who represents himself as a woman as “he” is a problem.

“Continued intentional misuse of the employee’s new name and pronouns, and reference to the employee’s former gender by managers, supervisors, or coworkers may undermine the employee’s therapeutic treatment, and is contrary to the goal of treating transitioning employees with dignity and respect,” the rule book says. “Such misuse may also breach the employee’s privacy, and may create a risk of harm to the employee.”

Regarding restrooms, locker rooms and the like, employees must choose which they will use.

“Agencies should allow access to restrooms and (if provided to other employees) locker room facilities consistent with his or her gender identity. … Transitioning employees should not be required to have undergone or to provide proof of any particular medical procedure (including gender reassignment surgery) in order to have access to facilities designated for use by a particular gender,” the rule book explains.

Staver noted that Obama’s political cadre has been unable to pass the changes, known in Congress as the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, through the democratic process, so they are imposing them by arbitrary rules.

Surgically altered, or not, it makes no difference, according to the new "rule book". Any man may use the woman's facilities, or vice versa, and no one can question anything as this may constitute a 'breach of that persons privacy' and "may create a risk of harm" to them, say the new White House rules

compare: Bossy Facebook Lady Wants To Boss Everybody Around And Tell Them Not To Say 'Bossy'; NWO No-Gender Agenda 3-11-14 "Androgyny is the novus-ordo-seclorum ideal, and the program to morph the next generation into androgynous-hybrid global citizens is well underway... No country identity, no family identity, no gender identity - moldable identity-less little 666 droids is where it's going. Be aware.

Rev. 18:4
Psalms 145:20 'The LORD preserveth all them that love him: but all the wicked will he destroy'

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