1-Yr. 2013 Boston Marathon Look Back/'Jokers-Are-Naive'; 2014 Biden (The Riddler) Memorial Speech: "It Was Worth It"

Follow up on: Boston A Psy-op 'Hokz'? Joker (Dzhokhar) On The Loose In Dark Knight Rising Spin-Off? 4-19-13 "First name (pronounced joe-kar) sounds like: 'Joker'... Also, an interesting anagram is evident...Dzhokhar A = a hard hokz (hoax), or just 'hokz hard'...A hard hoax? The 'Joker' first appeared in Aurora last summer as the villain. That incident apparently was intended as an omen of the "Dark Knight rising", or the unveiling of the so-called new world order [see: Aurora]. So, is this now another scene from the Batman script with the 'Joker' (Dzhokhar) now on the loose in Boston?' [see post]
Joe Biden Totally Joe Bidened a Line in His Boston Memorial Speech

Minutes into the vice president's speech at the Boston marathon bombing memorial on Tuesday, Joe Biden Joe Bidened a line in a manner that was quickly picked up by some who might not particularly care for the man. Speaking to a crowd of Boston bombing survivors, Biden said "it was worth it" to come to Boston and see how the attack's victims have "survived" and "soared." Although this moment of his speech was met with applause from the audience (who probably assumed the vice president was not insinuating he was happy about their suffering) the awkward phrasing of the sentiment caught the attention of some..."

(Twittwerites went wild over the remark that is. One of many examples posted with above article, by Twitterer Stick: Traitor #BIDEN just said "IT WAS WORTH IT" Ignoring a terrorism report and murdering Americans WAS WORTH IT #BostonStrong #OBAMA #MCFAUL)

Biden said "it was worth it"

Think it's just another Biden 'gaffe'? Jokers are naive (Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) if they do. Everything is meticulously scripted when it gets to the world stage. Far from being a bumbling Biden misspeak, is it not actually further confirmation that what happened in Boston one year ago was just another elaborately staged production by the globalist cabal to implement their desired totalitarian police state controls throughout every area of society. A statement like that could not be accidental, no speechwriter would ever phrase the sentence in such a way. And to believe Biden would go off-script and 'flub' it so badly - not possible. Not in the real world [see: NWP Francis drops F-bomb]. No, this can only be another 'hidden-in-plain sight' stunt, in this case a verbal one, in the form of a sort of 'shout-out' to whom-it-may-concern [compare 2nd photo below]. As for JQ Public, they tell the people to their face, and then sit back and laugh and high-five each other all around when nobody 'gets it'. Everything it took to pull it off - the tremendous planning, the immense coordination, the crisis actors - some seemingly having to continue the 'role playing' perhaps even permanently, all of it, everything that had to be accomplished to make it happen - "it was worth it", said Joe Biden before the world. Now is that a 'poor choice of words', or, is Biden now playing another Batman character - which would be none other than the original clue-dropper himself, the 'Riddler'?

A couple of 2013 Boston Marathon related photos to 'jog' the memory:

The now infamous bloodless lower-leg missing bone sticking out man and perfectly spotless white shirt lady.
Entire scene bloodless. Video no longer exists. Original source of these photos and other similar, as far as can
be determined, is unknown. Perhaps the release of these photos was another hidden in plain sight exercise
White shirt no more. Blood everywhere. Note perfectly positioned sign (presumably to have encouraged
a group of runners crossing the finish line) somehow making it into the photo. Hidden in plain sight?
And of course the infamous Family Guy Boston Marathon 'mayhem' episode aired one month [3-17-13] before the purportedly real Boston Marathon 'mayhem' occurred on 4-15-13 (this particular video [link] cites a 2nd pre-Boston Marathon dual-bomb reference - the "American Dad" cartoon show aired the day before the 2013 Boston Marathon, with the lead in to the scene the line [1:20] "what are the chances?":

Family Guy "Turban Cowboy" Season 11 Episode 15, aired March 17, 2013
mayhem at the Boston Marathon
2013 Boston Marathon 'incident' real? The answer is in plain sight.   Rev. 18:4
see all: Boston
Job 34:21-22 'For his eyes are upon the ways of man, and he seeth all his goings. There is no darkness, nor shadow of death, where the workers of iniquity may hide themselves'


Christsfreeservnt said...

Someone shared a link with me to a story about TV through the years. TV was introduced to the American people at the World's Fair in the spring of 1939. That same year WW2 began. The theme of the fair that year was the future. The opening slogan was, "Dawn of a New Day." The fair allowed its visitors to take a look at "the world tomorrow." It has now been 75 years since the introduction of TV and the beginning of WW2, a war which resulted in the US moving into superpower status. Our US Great Seal has the inscription meaning "New Order of the Ages." Since 1935 both sides of the Great Seal have appeared on the reverse side of the one-dollar bill (source: Wikipedia). I have the suspicion that all these events were timed with one another in order to bring in the new order of the ages or the dawning of a new day, not just in the USA but in the world as a whole. I believe TV serves to get the messages of the NWO into the homes of people for the purpose of deception. Your thoughts on this?

tom m. said...

No doubt about it - the TV has been the number one tool for molding the minds of the masses from it's introduction, by design, and has been done in a progressive manner, slowly through the years utterly corrupting everything - and it's pretty much been accomplished at this point.

TV is so bad now it's unwatchable. That's ok though, means more time to study the Word of God - KJV.

Rev. 18:4