'Hidden in Plane Sight' Malaysian 777 Hoax Brings New Travel Controls: Passport Screening To Leave U.S.

Follow up on: 'Vanishing' Malaysian 777 Jet - Really? Or Hidden In 'Plane' Sight Psy-Op Hoax 3-21-14 "Reality check world - planes do not vanish off radar screens and disappear into thin air... Not to mention that pure fiction makes for a very low-cost psy-op - no overhead, and exactly as is being done with this "Twilight Zone" production, the plot can be twisted endlessly...Are any world events real anymore, or is it all sorcerer's illusions in order to create a mystical kabbalistic Babylon new world order"
U.S. Moves To Restrict Travelers Taking International Flights Youtube

:07 "two passengers on board were traveling on stolen passports...that's now prompted the U.S. to add screening for all passengers leaving the country"

1:20 "CPB debated making the changes for years....but..."

1:30 "this event...that...you know...this...the tragic event of the Malaysia flight really does um offer some highlights to things that you can do better" [note that the speaker had a lot of difficulty with this line?]

"CPB debated for years"...but now, after Malaysia...

Tracking every move...coming and going. When they wanted to put body scanners in the airports, a 'shoebomber' suddenly showed up on cue. When they wanted to implement this latest freedom-of-movement-stripping measure of outbound passport screening/monitoring, a plane with "passengers on board traveling on stolen passports" suddenly came up 'missing'...

Truly 'hidden in plane sight' ordo ab chao with this one. Everything everything everything manufactured - it's a lying world of make-believe, run by devils [Eph. 6:12].

Rev. 18:4
Authorized for travel?

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