New-World-Pope Francis "Accidentally" Drops F-Bomb In Speech - 'False Prophet' Image Builder?

Oops! Pope Francis accidentally drops an F-bomb during a blessing

While delivering a speech in Italian from a window at the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace, the Spanish-speaking pope mispronounced the Italian word “caso.” ...Instead, he said “cazzo,” which apparently can mean the f-word, the s-word or a couple of other things we can’t print here.

The English translation of what he accidentally said: "If each one of us does not amass riches only for oneself, but half for the service of others, in this f*** ... in this case the providence of God will become visible through this gesture of solidarity.”

He knew immediately that he’d made a mistake and quickly corrected it...But oh, it was heard. The incident went viral among Italian media and on Twitter.

“The crowd gathered in St Peter's Square and those watching around the world asked themselves ‘Did he just say f***?’” wrote England’s The Daily Mail.

Foul language warning - whether the language is understood by the hearer or not, it is still foul -

'Jesuit' [Zionist] Bergoglio-Francis drops the "F-Bomb" in Italian! La gaffe di Papa Francesco- "In questo ca*#@o"!
The Curse Heard Around The World

Everything is meticulously stage managed. Especially the 'rock-star' image being created for new-world-pope Francis. If anybody wants to believe that this incident was not stage-managed, that is their prerogative. Cursing the world by accident? Really think so...? Just noting, but that is exactly what the real 'false prophet' will one day do. Image, image.

Just noting it.

Compare: TIME Names 'New World Pope' Francis Person Of The Year - Portray Him With 'Horns Like A Lamb'; And "Last Pope Prophecy" NWO Fake 'False Prophet' 12-11-13 "...what the "New World Pope" is saying is that those within the Catholic Church who will not get on board, and, essentially, relinquish the historic "obsessions" about "abortion, contraception and homosexuality"...in exchange for the one-world unity of 'brotherly love' of course...which he is terming as becoming "more merciful" ...have a "serious illness". In other words, they are 'sick', according to NWP Francis... It has been said that "Francis" is the "Obama" of the Catholic Church. That statement is self-explanatory. They did not name him the New-World-Pope without reason [see: New World Pope - New World Religion]. Probably "for shifting the message", and "marking a break" with all his new-world type rhetoric about homosexuality, and abortion, and non-dogmatism in doctrine, as mentioned in the quoted excerpts from the two articles linked above [see post]. All the things that belong to the 'new world order'. That is what Jesuits i.e. Zionists are all about though - the new world order, so it should not come as any surprise really... In fact, the rhetoric should be expected to increase exponentially - for those who will face the undeniable facts... Catholics. You do not really think that they do not have a strategy to deal with the "illness" do you? Can you say new-world-religion member?"  [NWP Francis IS NOT the real false prophet, timing-wise, prophetically, it is impossible, although it definitely appears that he is being portrayed in such a way so as to play the role - see post, follow links]

Rev. 18:4

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