'Vanishing' Malaysian 777 Jet - Really? Or Hidden In 'Plane' Sight Psy-Op Hoax - 'Twilight-Zoning' 'Em

Reality check world - planes do not vanish off radar screens and disappear into thin air. Although professional magicians can make large objects appear to disappear as part of their act, making a plane 'appear to disappear' via a reported story disseminated through the globally controlled media conglomerate would not even fall into the same category. It would be much more difficult to make an elephant appear-to-disappear in a studio than to write a script about a plane 'disappearing' without a trace and then send it out to the propaganda network to fill in news slots for the next year or who knows how long. Not to mention that pure fiction makes for a very low-cost psy-op - no overhead, and exactly as is being done with this "Twilight Zone" production, the plot can be twisted endlessly, just the way the ZNWO Bureau of Propaganda loves to do.

Vanishing plane..or hidden in 'plane' sight simulated crisis/psy-op for a little psychotic mindbending of John Q. Public's collective consciousness?

Note: magicians do not really do "magic" - it's just illusion. But if it's on CBSNBCMSNBCCNNABC then it must be real. Just like 911tucsonaurorasandyboston etc. right?

Compare [777]: Numerology Gone Wild: San Francisco Boeing 777 Incident, Rihanna 777, Wimbledon Final (7's gone wild) - And '666'? 7-10-13 "Toward the end of the video the video maker suggests the possibility of the San Francisco plane incident being a ritual sacrifice type event. No comment in that regard, other than to note that an argument for an empty plane - staged event might be more plausible...Are any world events real anymore, or is it all sorcerer's illusions in order to create a mystical kabbalistic Babylon new world order.

Rev. 18:4
Rev. 18:21, 23 'And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all...for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived'


John Cole said...

Plane took off at 12:41, disappeared 119 mins later at 2:40 am.(119 = reverse 911)
From Kuala Lumpur, home of the PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS
and just a degree or so north of the most northern visible point of the annular Solar Eclipse to occur on day 119 of 2014. . The PETRONAS Twin Tower has 88 floors.

227 passengers and 12 crew….22/7 = 3.14 (PI)

The pilot had been with the airline for 33 years.

Date is 8/3/2014 adding to 18 and thus 6+6+6.

Flight is MH 370 with that very special number 37 featuring prominently.

153 Chinese. That special number.

13 other nationalities.

Closing ceremony at Sochi to this incident = 13 days

Opening ceremony at Sochi to this incident = 29 days or 1 month 1 day.

Centre day at Sochi Olympics (15th) to this incident = 21 days or 7+7+7 days.

From 8/3/2014 to 21/4/2014 (Queen is 88) is 44 days.

From 8/3/2014 to 24/5/2014 (pope Francis I goes to Jerusalem) = 77 days.

From 8/4/2005 (PJPII funeral in a trapezoid shaped coffin) to 8/3/2014 = 3256 days. 3256 = 37 x 88.

Helene said...

Shabbat shalom.

Concerning the "magicians" ...i'm not sure that some do not practice real magic... Why wouldn't they,after all ? I felt so unconfortable sometimes,i knew there were more than "illusion".

And concerning the plane... what about all this "watching system" all around the planet... and they "loose" a 777... lol ...

Of course there is something wrong... Don't know what yet.
Wait, watch and see.

John Cole said...

Flight(s) of Oz - Malaysia MH370, Lost, Twilight Zone, Asiana, Crowley 777, Oso, Oscar(s) & MSM Mystery Religion