It's All Scripted: Paula Deen On 3-10-14 People Magazine Cover Promotes 'Comeback' With 'Sign Language'

Follow up on: Paula Deen Drama An NWO 'Object Lesson' About Data Collection ala NSA 6-21-13 "We've seen the 'object lesson' more than a few times over the past few years - the celebrity guest 'crosses the line' with a certain comment, and promptly loses their job because of it...This 'Paula Deen' episode brings an entirely new twist on the theme into play though, and, it will be noticed, is perfectly timed to coincide with recent 'revelations' of government data collection on citizens...as the script now reads, the celebrity (read: insider) in question in this instance is being chastised for things way way back in the past. Things said, reportedly, 27 years ago (1986) - Big Brother object lesson for John Q. Public? Remember that e-mail you sent five years ago...that Facebook post a few years back...well we do...Begging for forgiveness, pledging to "learn and grow", and declaring that "inappropriate and hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable", and then begging some more, as demonstrated by Ms. Deen, may possibly earn you a reprieve though, but that depends. As seen above, the Food Network is making no promises to forgive and reinstate, but has said that they will "continue to monitor the situation"...The world of today is a nothing more than a giant endless psy-op. Everything that is happening manufactured. Couldn't create a zionist global kingdom-come any other way [link]. Big Brother wants submissive subjects. Be informed. [see post]
Paula Deen 'Comeback' To The Tune Of $75 Million [title changed]

Deen, 67, is on the March 10 cover of People magazine, arguably the highest-profile stop on her mea culpa tour that she hopes will help her regain the favorable media spotlight...

Deen saw her food and media empire implode in 2013 following a lawsuit filed by a former employee. The employee spoke of hostile working conditions and said that Deen was given to racially tinged language and outlandish comments.

Many blame the media for seemingly taking a side in a lawsuit filed by a disgruntled employee -- a lawsuit that has since been dismissed in part, and ultimately settled. (It needs to be noted that the accuser has since described Deen as a "woman of compassion and kindness" who would "never tolerate discrimination or racism.")

Now, Deen is ready to put all that behind her. She told People: "I've learned a lot."

A private firm is investing in Deen, plunging more than $75 million into a new company, Paula Deen Ventures.

re: 'mea culpa tour'

Always always always...always...hidden in plain sight. Examine Deen's People magazine cover photo [above] closely. See anything? There seems to be an attempt at subtlety, but not really because it is glaring. Here's a clue...look at the right hand. That sign language is universal, and unmistakable. Can a person pose for the cover of a major magazine and be unaware of the position of their hands? - no. Is it possible that a very suggestive and unnatural hand position like the one above could get past a photo editor responsible for the cover of a major magazine unnoticed? - no again.

What then? Hard to see it in any other way than another hidden-in-plain-sight message from the global kabal, that the scripted event has been played out, and the precedent established...and this is what we think of ya'll. That precedent being those things mentioned in the 'follow up' post linked above - namely being held accountable for things in the past, even way back, as demonstrated by the Deen script which had for it's plotline 'racial comments' from 27 years past. But Deen, as also seen in the 'follow up', had profusely apologized and volunteered for 're-education'. She promised to "learn and grow" like a good Brave New World citizen should do, and so here now she is back, and note especially the banner across her midsection in the photo - "I've learned a lot". Get the message everyone?

As for Deen, note that everything looks to be coming up roses now. The purported lawsuit is done and gone, the purported accuser is singing Deen's praises, and she has a new mega-million business venture underway. All in all a rather profitable 'ordeal' it seems. Note one more thing also. The headline under her midsection-banner gives a time reference for this production - nine months. Seems that something may have been 'birthed'. Just noting these things. For the record, noting these things is unpleasant, but understanding how events in the world are so completely manipulated to achieve an end is needful. So, definitely take note because, whatever may have been birthed might be coming after you one day.
 Rev. 18:4
compare: Vogue - Michelle Obama 'Sign Language' [12-'09]
Isaiah 3:11 ' Woe unto the wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him'

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