Purpose-Driver Rick Warren, Catholics Join Hands To Call Churches To Push NWO 'Mental Health' Agenda

Rick Warren calls church to mental health ministry

Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren is starting a new mental health ministry following the suicide of his son Matthew, who at age 27 shot himself in April after years of struggling with severe depression.

Warren will team up with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange and the National Alliance on Mental Illness to raise awareness and remove the misunderstandings against mental illnesses within the faith community. On March 28, the three groups will host The Gathering on Mental Health and the Church, a daylong event at Saddleback that will cover a wide range of mental health issues, from bipolar disorder to eating disorders. Warren hopes the conference will educate family members of people living with mental illness, encourage those who are struggling, and motivate other churches to create similar mental health ministries.

Our goal is, as we say, we crack the door open and then churches go, ‘OK. If the diocese is doing this, if Saddleback’s doing this, we can do this,’” Warren said. “And we’d love to see a movement started where people actually begin to say, ‘We need to see this element added to our local ministry.’”

re: 'motivate...churches to create...mental health ministries'

Mental health, so called, is a critical component of the ZWO population-control agenda. Mandatory screening of the public as a routine part of overall health care is the end goal - adults, children, everybody. The agenda is now being forced in every arena. Forced screening for "mental fitness" creates a gate-keeping mechanism where 'mental-health professionals' would have the ability to identify those who may not 'think' the way the novus-ordo-seclorum-ites would like them to. It is not difficult to see the real intent. Answer all questions correctly and there will be no problem - answering incorrectly might just get you red-flagged. Purpose-driven Warren is on board as a result of the purported suicide of his son, purportedly occurring less than one year ago (4-'13). Immediately after this purported incident, Warren suddenly became a national spokesman and champion of the cause.

And as now seen, the time has come to take things to the next level, manipulating the church-world to buy into the scheme. This is a very significant development in all things antichrist-globalization. You have Warren, supposedly representing mainstream Christianity, now forging an open partnership with the Catholic Church...for the cause. That's called one-world-religion. But that's not all, the Purpose-Drivers will now roll out the red carpet for the "mental health professionals" and usher them in to spread their own 'religious dogmas' i.e. psychology and psychiatry, and then network the churches into their new-world-order 'mental health' system - which is exactly what will happen.

Preaching the Gospel of "if any man be in Christ he is a new creature" (2Cor. 5:17)? That's the one that teaches that the "old man", Adam, can never be 'fixed', and that the only remedy for him is the cross (Rom. 6:6); and that the only 'fixing' of a person that is possible can come about only by becoming a "new creature", which can only come by a new birth (John 3:3,5) - that's out. Psychology, psychiatry, etc. all attempt to 'fix' the old man, Adam, which cannot be done (Rom. 8:7; 1Cor. 15:22). The Christian church is supposed to preach this gospel of the 'new creature in Christ', not the humanist psychological anti-gospel of patched-up Adam. For the record though, neither Warren or the Catholic church ever has taught the true gospel of the new birth.*

At any rate, the 'true Gospel of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ' definitely does not mesh with the global agenda. This is a given. 'Fixing' people is not the real goal of the global agenda anyway - the real goal is controlling them. The 'mental health' agenda is to be a means to that end. Warren is now a prime promoter as a direct result of the incident regarding his son, which has brought things to the point where they are now, joining hands with the Catholic church and 'mental-health practitioner' friends to push the globalist's one-world purpose-driven mental-health control-agenda in a new and big way.

Warren leading the charge - real happenings, or textbook case of problem-reaction-solution? Probably not a hard question. Be informed.
 Rev. 18:4
The timeline:

4-7-13 Rick Warren's Son Reportedly Takes Own Life; Global Agenda Of Gun Control And 'Mental Health' "As for the reports of the son of Rick Warren taking his own life, no comment will be made. Rather than that, a very brief observation on the circumstances of the incident, which is to simply note how remarkably the scenario as described fits the current political narrative concerning the global-agenda issues of gun control and mental health. Without question, these two topics are an absolute priority to that global agenda...Warren moves at the highest levels of globalist circles. This is no secret. It would not be a surprise if this incident becomes part of the equation regarding these global-agenda issues, possibly even becoming a platform for Warren to press the issue.

4-12-13 Update: Rick Warren Reports Son Used "Unregistered Gun" - And Gun Control, 'Mental Health', Purpose Driven "An unregistered gun...from the internet....with the serial number scratched off. And, according to the report, Warren and wife have set up a "mental health fund". What is the take away from this next part of the Warren-son story? The reality is that it is exactly what was suggested in the original 4-7-13 post on this story - that is that this incident would become "part of the equation" regarding the gun-control and so-called 'mental health' agendas, and that Warren would in fact suddenly have a platform from which to press the issues. And just like that, there it is, and here he is...NWO Purpose-Driven social-works networks pushing the mandatory 'mental health evaluations' agenda... Gun control, 'mental health', and "Purpose-Driven"... are now all permanently linked

4-18-13 Update: Rick Warren Says 1-In-5 Americans Have "Mental Illness" - Starts Petition For NWO 'Mental Health' Agenda “Join Kay and I, and the Saddleback Family, in our effort to urge educators, lawmakers, healthcare professionals, and church congregations to raise the awareness and lower the stigma of mental illness" - Warren's son reported to have taken his own life [link 4-7-13], an unregistered gun that cannot be traced or linked to anybody, and a private memorial service, all in about a weeks time. And that is the whole story. Over and done, as fast as it came, it goes away...except for, amazing how that works, the new platform that Rick Warren has now been placed upon. That would be the platform to urge "educators, lawmakers, healthcare professionals, and church congregations" to get on board with the NWO agenda for an Orwellian population control mechanism via so-called 'mental health screening'... Warren's statement that "one in five Americans experiences some sort of mental illness" is as Orwellian of a statement as could possibly be made, and reveals clearly just how perfectly in lockstep Warren is with the cabalist global scheme to population-control through forced mental health evaluations.   [Follow links, connect dots]

*Gal. 1:9 'As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed' [Gal. 1:6-9]

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