Numerology Gone Wild: San Francisco Boeing 777 Incident, Rihanna 777, Wimbledon Final - And '666'?

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the video are those of the producer. Toward the end of the video the video maker suggests the possibility of the San Francisco plane incident being a ritual sacrifice type event. No comment in that regard, other than to note that an argument for an empty plane - staged event might be more plausible. At any rate, the video is posted for informational purposes, in particular to note the seemingly beyond-the-realm-of-chance numerology attached to these recent events. So much so that the article quoted in the video from a British news source, with regard to just the tennis match, suggests the possibility of "supernatural powers" being responsible for the "miracle coincidences" surrounding the match. [1:00 min]. The tennis tournament is only one aspect of the whole numero-(non)-logical picture though, as seen:
Rihanna, Boeing, Wimbledon


Rihanna 777 Tour On Boeing 777 to promote 7th studio album - 77 Minute Long Documentary - released 5-7-13

7 days 7 Countries 7 Shows; launched 11-14 (last year) - 1+1+1+4=7

A few other items not mentioned in the video regarding the San Francisco Boeing 777 incident:

Date: 7-6-13; 7+6 = 13, giving a double '13'

Flight #214: 2+1+4=7 as mentioned in video; also: 21=3x7, 14=2x7

Note also as shown in video: [1:58] "214 heavy vehicles are responding"

Speed of plane: "...with engine power increasing, and it crashed at 106 knots, Hersman said. "This aircraft was significantly slower than their target approach speed of 137 knots" [link]:

106 = 1+6=7
137 = another 13 and 7

Number on wing of plane [5:14 on video]: HL 7742; '77' is obvious, then 4+2=6; 6 plus one of the 7's equals 13, giving still another 7 - 13 combo

And the letters (HL 7742)too...one of them is an 'L' - flip it around, it gives another '777'

The day after the plane incident, on the double-7 of 7-7-13, Brit Andy Murray wins Wimbledon, 77 years since a Brit (Brit=Zionism) has won men's tournament, but that's not all. A few other things not mentioned in video:

"Murray was playing in his seventh grand slam final, he broke Novak Djokovic's serve in the seventh game of each set...Murray broke Djokovic's serve seven times [total], he was born seven days before Djokovic in 1987 and the last British winner of a Wimbledon singles title was Virginia Wade in 1977" - link

Murray's coach is former tennis star Ivan LENDL - note the double "L" - double 'L' flipped over is a '77'

Moment of victory, one eye covered. Picture worth a 1000 words?
As has been noted by others observing some of these very unusual things, the Hebrew #6, spelled 'vau', looks fairly similar to a '7', suggesting the possibility that the '777' is intended as a hidden '666'; compare Monster Energy logo, which appears to be a triple 'vau' or 666; note similarity to Rihanna's '777' (from above video):

see: Amazing Coincidence - Monster Energy Drink Logo Is A '666' In Hebrew
One last and very interesting little '777' coincidence, in this case involving the world of 'Christendom' and one of it's prime 'funding specialists'. No video or picture of book could be found, apparently it is too new, but notorious money-getter Mike Murdock made an appearance just one day ago (7-9-13) on one of the so-called 'Christian' networks in his usual role as solicitor of donations, and during his allotted time he introduced and promoted his latest book, which just so happens to be titled "777 Tweets - uncensored".

All supposedly unrelated events, all about the 7's and 13's. Are any world events real anymore, or is it all sorcerer's illusions in order to create a mystical kabbalistic Babylon new world order. Make of it what you will, but be aware because it's not going back to 'the way it was'.

Rev. 18:4

7-12-13 follow up: CA News Station KTVU Airs Absurd Mock Of Asiana Flight 214 Pilot Names - Then Retracts
Rev. 18:21, 23 'And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all...for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived'

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