Train Crashes In Galicia, Northwestern Spain 7-24-13 - 18th Wreck Worldwide In 18 days?

Destruction everywhere. Planes are landing on their tails and their noses, we are told, and as today's incident in Galicia, Spain brings reason to note, trains are crashing across the globe at a seemingly incredibly unusual rate lately. Counting from the well publicized train crash July 6th in Canada (7-6-13; numerology? - link), the train wreck in Spain today July 24 (7-[2+4=6]-13) brings the total to at the very least, if we've not missed any, 18 in just the last 18 days:
1. Death toll rises in Quebec "Lac Megantic" train derailment explosion [Canada] July 6 "Five people confirmed dead, 40 missing. They may never return, dead or alive, perhaps vaporized in the blast early Saturday morning, after a driverless train hurtled into the busy downtown core of this idyllic Quebec town 250 kilometres from Montreal.

2. At least 80 injured as passenger train derails in southern Russia July 7 "Up to 80 holidaymakers have been injured and 15, including five children, are in hospital, after a passenger train derailed en route to the Black Sea resort of Adler, in southern Russia."

3. Officials investigate train derailment north of White Cloud July 8 "WHITE CLOUD, MI -- Contractors are being called to repair a portion of a train track after a freight train derailed near White Cloud early Monday morning. A manager at Marquette Rail Company said a freight train derailed at the crossing between Monroe and Foss roads just north of White Cloud at 4 a.m. Monday, July 8. Officials do not know why the train derailed and continue to investigate the incident

4. Train derailment under investigation  [South Dakota] July 9 “At 2:30 a.m. on Monday morning, 37 cars of a west-bound train derailed eight miles northwest of Dewey or approximately 30 miles northwest of Edgemont in Custer County, South Dakota,” McBeth said. Burlington Northern maintains two sets of tracks from the Wyoming coal fields through southwestern South Dakota. McBeth said that both sets of tracks in the immediate area sustained damage in the incident.

5. Eastern Oregon train derailment July 10 "Authorities say 27 Union Pacific rail cars, two containing residual hazardous material, derailed early today outside of La Grande. Oregon State Police said there were no confirmed injuries among the freight train's crew and no significant amount of hazardous material leaked out. The state police said "a few" residents nearby were evacuated and later allowed to return home. The westbound train ran off the tracks north of Highway 203 near Hot Lake about 1:45 a.m., destroying 1.5 miles of track, police said. The track runs parallel to the highway, eight miles of which were closed for several hours after the spill.

6. High winds may have caused train derailment in Ohio July 11 "A Norfolk Southern spoke person said about 10 cars carrying 15-20 containers were knocked off the rails between 1:30 p.m. and 2:15 p.m.  The train was coming from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and going to St. Louis. A Norfolk Southern spokesperson said the rail company is investigating the derailment.

7. Tucson train derailment under investigation July 12 [USA] "Union Pacific continues to investigate the cause of a Friday morning derailment in Tucson. A freight train was traveling from Nogales to Tucson when eight empty cars derailed near East 16th Street and South Euclid Avenue, Aaron Hunt, a California-based spokesman for Union Pacific, said in an email.

8. Train crash in Br├ętigny-sur-Orge France July 13 "French investigators into Friday’s train crash near Paris are suggesting that a defective points system caused the accident. At a news conference railway managers from the state railway company SNCF said a metal bar linking the rails to the points had come loose. Six people are known to have died and dozens are seriously injured, with the condition of nine described as “absolutely urgent”. The minister said the train heading for Limoges in central France was travelling at 137 kilometres an hour when its rear carriages derailed shortly after 5pm CET on Friday."

9. Train derails in Phrae [China] July 17 "The northern train heading to Chiang Mai derailed early morning in Phrae, causing some injuries. All train carriages fell off from the track, as the train derailed near Denchai district. Over 290 passengers were on board."

10. HAZ-MAT called to train derailment July 17 "BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - HAZ-MAT crews were called to the CSX rail line in Buffalo along William Street Wednesday when three cars jumped the tracks. A train with two locomotives and 70 cars was heading from Indianapolis, Indiana to Selkirk, NY, which is near Albany, when the last three cars derailed around 7:30 p.m.

11. Two Injured in Benbrook Train Derailment [Texas] July 18 Union Pacific representative Mark Davis said the two locomotives and seven cars went off the rails and fell on their side while switching from a side track to the main track near Aledo Road, north of Interstate 20 and west of U.S. Highway 377. One of the injured crew members was transported to a local hospital with unknown injuries; the other suffered only minor injuries. The 46-car train was headed from Tucson, Ariz., to Dallas.

12. Greater Anglia and East Midlands trains in Norwich station crash [UK - England] July 21 "Eight people were taken to hospital after two trains crashed in Norfolk. The collision happened on Norwich station's platform six at about 00:10 BST. The Greater Anglia Great Yarmouth to Norwich service and a stationary East Midlands Trains unit were involved in the "low speed" collision. The ambulance service said all eight people - including four who were stretchered away - had minor injuries.

13. Burlington Northern coal train derails in Rushville, Mo. [U.S.] July 21 "A full coal train derailed in Rushville, Mo., late Saturday night. No one was injured in the accident. Burlington Northern said the train derailed at 11:10 p.m. at 116 Highway and 59 Highway. There were 134 cars and 2 locomotives on the train, and nine cars derailed."

14. Metro-North Hudson line back on track after Bronx derailment July 22 "NEW YORK (WABC) -- Metro-North's Hudson Line is running in both directions Monday, four days after a freight train derailed. The railroad says all trains are running with scattered delays of up to 15 minutes until 10 p.m. After 10 p.m., bus service will connect commuters to shuttle train service. A freight train hauling garbage derailed between stations Thursday night. The derailment affected service on the line that runs between Manhattan and Poughkeepsie, 80 miles north. The damage was so substantial that only one of two tracks in the area is back in service on Monday. Work will continue on rebuilding the other track before it can be returned to passenger service.

15. Gondia-Chandra passenger train derails in Maharashtra, 20 hurt [India] July 22 "Mumbai: A passenger train derailed here on late Sunday, disrupting the rail traffic, according to news reports. As per initial reports, 20 passengers were reportedly hurt when five coaches of the Gondia-Chandra Fort train went off the tracks near Wadsa Railway Station.

16. Police respond to train derailment in Taunton July 22 TAUNTON, Mass. -- Investigators were called to the scene of a train derailment in Taunton Monday. Taunton police tell FOX 25 the call came in just before 2 p.m. from a construction company working nearby. SKYFOX was over the scene, where cargo cars appeared to be off the tracks. Police say four cars in total derailed, taking down high tension lines with them.

17. Train derails, crashes through building July 23 DENVER - A train derailed Tuesday morning and went crashing through a building in the 4400 block of Sherman Street in Denver. According to a witness, it hopped a ravine, landed in the alley - about 10 feet from residential garages. The witness claimed houses shook when the train made impact with the nearby building.

18. Northwestern Spain - Galicia, Today July 24 "The express train, carrying 218 people between Madrid and Ferrol, left the tracks at 8:42 p.m. (2:42 p.m. ET) about two miles from the station at Santiago de Compostela, in the Galician region, said the government-owned railway, Renfe. The number of crewmembers was not released. All 13 carriages derailed, and four overturned, the BBC reported.The BBC noted that Thursday is a local holiday, so many of the travelers likely were headed to Santiago de Compostola, about 60 miles south of Ferrol, or to the Atlantic coast to celebrate. Santiago de Compostola officials canceled feast-day festivities."

How can it be? Spain, Canada, Russia, France, England, India, China, all over the U.S. - almost seems like what an as-above-so-below ritual intended to symbolize the 'train wreck' of the 'old order' would possibly look like? Just noting it.

Rev. 18:4

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