Twitter Gives Up Data On France's Alleged 'Anti-Semite' Tweeters, Partners With Jewish Group To Police Site

This post is a follow up on: French Court Orders Twitter To Reveal Identities Of 'Hate Tweeters'; France Vows to Prosecute Them 6-13-13 ""Twitter must comply with legal orders to allow the identification, and therefore the conviction, of the authors of these hateful tweets," Vallaud-Belkacem continued" - They have identified at least three categories that will now be subject to not only censorship, but evidently to criminal prosecution also, as the wording in the statement describes the government-determined offensive remarks as a "commission of...crimes"...Apparently, unapproved comments about homosexuality, "scary racism", or so-called anti-semitic remarks may now render the French citizen guilty of the crime of "hate speech" - This is as much about online anonymity as it is about free speech. This action is very telling, most likely a set-up - make your own tweets, complain, push the NWO agenda - everybody identified, everybody controlled via the chill-factor on speaking out or against..." [see post]
Twitter Hands Over ID Info on Anti-Jewish Postings

Twitter said Friday it had handed over data to French authorities to help identify the authors of anti-Semitic tweets, following a complaint from a Jewish students' group.

A French court in January ordered the company to provide the data after legal action by France's Union of Jewish Students (UEJF).

Twitter said in a statement that it had given information to judicial authorities "enabling the identification of some authors" of anti-Semitic tweets. It said the move "puts an end to the dispute" with the UEJF and that the two parties had "agreed to continue to work actively together in order to fight racism and anti-Semitism,” adding that the two sides would also cooperate on "measures to improve the accessibility of the procedure for notifications of illicit tweets."

So here's where it stands: Twitter gives up the info, the French government has already vowed to prosecute the authors of the alleged "anti-semitic" tweets [as seen at top], and Twitter agrees to now partner with "France's Union of Jewish Students" (UEJF) to work out a system to effectively police the social media site for "illicit tweets", which as mentioned above [see 'follow up'], is not limited to just so-called "anti-semitic" remarks, but will make comments about race and homosexuality officially subject to Big Brother scrutiny also, as well as possible criminal liability for 'hate speech' - exactly as is being exampled here.

This is France, yes, but all the same consider it a global precedent because it most definitely is. Twitter is a global site and the 'anti-semite' speech-police have no intention of stopping with just France...or with just Twitter. Orwell is here July 2013. Be absolutely aware.  Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 1:2 'Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth: for the LORD hath spoken, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me'

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