Underwear Bomber...Oops...Rogue Ex-Cop Going Rambo... Causes NWO Multi-State Law Enforcement Partnership

Search For Ex-LAPD Cop Goes On

Though the focus is on the resort area, the search for Dorner, 33, stretches across California, Nevada, Arizona and northern Mexico. LAPD officers are especially on edge because Dorner, who was fired from the force in 2008 after three years on the job, promised in rambling writings to bring "warfare" to police and their families.

"We don't know what he's going to do," said Cindy Bachman, spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, one of many law enforcement agencies whose primary purpose has become finding Dorner. "We know what he's capable of doing. And we need to find him."

Throughout the day, thousands of heavily armed officers patrolled highways throughout Southern California, while some stood guard outside the homes of people police say Dorner vowed to attack in a rant posted online. Electronic billboards, which usually alert motorists about the commute, urged them to call emergency services if they saw him.

When 9/11 happened, TSA was the immediate result. It came into being ten days later, 11-19-01, and the police state USA was born. One year after that, "Homeland Security" also rose from the ashes of the twin towers; 11-25-02. When they wanted to implement restrictive 'airport security' worldwide a few years later, an "underwear bomber" suddenly appeared out of nowhere. When they wanted to begin moving toward forced psychological screenings and gun control, Sandy Hook happened. When they wanted to lock down Southern California, and run a multi-state martial law 'live-exercise', comprised of every possible federal and local agency in partnership, with a working "chain of command" over the whole apparatus, a 'trained madman' with a scary "14-page manifesto", who specializes in avoiding capture - guaranteeing extended high drama, which is always good for keeping the public in a catatonic state of numbness, suddenly appears. And he just happens to be a masonic 33 years old.

And a new miniseries is launched, replacing the last one - underground hostage kid. And before that was the Manti Teo saga [link]. It never stops. And the NWO Bureau of Propaganda script writers pat themselves on the back for another successful use of illusion to fool the masses, as the multi-state martial law chain of command is established and given a test run - all the way down to local cops getting to practice real door to door searches, and the electronic billboards are fired up, and virtually half of the country put on red alert. But the illusion is too powerful, and the majority believe it all once again. Hey Charlie Brown, c'mon and kick the football, I won't pull it away this time...really.

The full outworking of this production remains to be seen. Be sure though that the only benefactor will be the kabalist new-dawn-rising police state agenda - as always. All the specifics will be evident before long. Watch and see.

You know, if only his "mental illness" could somehow have been identified and treated before all this had to happen...
  Rev. 18:4
see: Mandated psych testing: NY, Conn., 23 EO's 2-6-13

2-10-13 update: NWO Agenda Coming Out: Droner, Er, Dorner...Is Now First "Human Target" Of Domestic Drones in U.S.

New dawn rising? Isaiah 2:11 'The lofty looks of man shall be humbled, and the haughtiness of men shall be bowed down, and the LORD alone shall be exalted in that day.'

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