NWO Air-Travel Control System In Place? American Airlines, US Airways to Join In Last 'Mega-Merger'

American Airlines approves merger with US Airways

Bankrupt American Airlines and its dogged suitor, US Airways, announced a merger Thursday that would create the world’s largest air carrier and put 86 percent of domestic air travel in the hands of four big airlines.

Described as the last airline mega-merger in a decade of consolidation, the marriage would see the US Airways brand consigned to the dustbin of aviation history, joining Pan Am, TWA, Eastern Air Lines, Northwest and Continental.

Together with Southwest Airlines, the big low-cost carrier, the foursome would dominate passenger travel in the United States.

re: 'last airline mega-merger'

No more mega-mergers
say the NWO managers - the "decade of consolidation" of the airline industry is now complete. The four remaining in the U.S. are American, United, Delta and Southwest. Interesting to note here that American is already part of an international alliance called "Oneworld" [see 4th link below]. If you fly American you will notice the 'Oneworld' logo as you board the plane. If this is the last merger, then what the would-be global masters are in effect saying is that their worldwide air-travel control system is now in place. A one world 'consolidated airline system' for a one world global management system. Absolute control over the travel of all global citizens' is the ultimate end to be achieved with this now consolidated system. It should be noted that in the planned global system, Agenda 21 so-called, 'global citizens' will not have the freedom to come and go as they please. Global citizens are to be compliant and abide quietly in their "sustainable communities" - because you certainly cannot be allowed to go around messing up the environment with your messy carbon-footprints now can you?

But we know the truth, which is that all things "sustainable" are really about authoritarian rule of the earth, and we also know that this now apparently final consolidation of the global airline system must be seen as a major development in that direction. Be aware of the signs of the times 'global citizens'.
 Rev. 18:4
Some of the consolidation history:

Qantas CEO: Global Airlines 7-25-08 "Stating what he calls as 'a new world order', Mr Dixon said, "Over time, consolidation will transform aviation. It will produce a few, very large and extremely efficient global airlines..."

Delta-Northwest...First 'Global' Airline? 10-29-08 "The U.S. Justice Department announced Wednesday that it won't block the planned merger of Delta Air Lines Inc. and Northwest Airlines Corp., a transaction that will create the world's largest airline by traffic"

Qantas-British Airways Merge: First 'Truly' Global Airline 12-2-08 "British Airways chief executive Willie Walsh signalled the creation of a "truly global" airline yesterday as the carrier announced £3.5bn merger talks with Australian rival Qantas.

American Airlines Creates International 5-Airline 'Alliance' 2-13-10 "Note the name of this new 'American Airlines-British Airways-Iberia [Spain]-Finnair-Royal Jordanian' airline monopoly. Acting like a single entity, they are named appropriately - the "Oneworld" alliance"

United-Continental Merger Approved, Form "World's Biggest Airline" 8-27-10 "WASHINGTON — The United States on Friday cleared the way for a merger between US carriers United and Continental that will create the world's biggest airline, officials and the airlines said"

Authorized for travel?

On the rapture of the 'true' church: "The Bridegroom is outside the world, while His bride is being formed from out of the world, and about to meet Him in the air. What a solemn yet blessed fact was Enoch's translation [Heb. 11:5]! Yet Christ's coming will be immeasurably more so. For all the saints of every age and from every land and tongue will be caught up to join the Lord Jesus. The last trump does not mean the end of the "world," but of the "age" [1Cor. 15:51-52]. The world will be outside its sound when He comes for us, as it will have nothing to do with Him." William Kelly (1820-1906) cf. Rev. 3:10

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