Amerika Punk'd Again: Dorner Psy-op Comes And Goes, Police State Grows - Hidden In Plain Sight

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Dorner's 'last stand' after hiding in plain sight

[Big Bear Lake, CA] A massive manhunt led sheriffs here last week after the 33-year-old's truck was found burning on a mountain road...The authorities went from house to house in the snow, looking for the ex-policeman who was suspected of double murder and of killing a former colleague while on the run...They used snow cat vehicles to scour the area.

Security was stepped up across southern California and there were long delays at the US-Mexico border as every vehicle was searched...But it appears he was hiding out in one of the hundreds of mountain cabins in the centre of town - just half a mile from the police control centre.

Most of the protection teams deployed to guard dozens of potential targets of the former cop's grudge have returned to normal duty - LAPD is no longer on high alert.

Efforts now will switch to establishing what drove this disgruntled former employee to go on a deadly rampage as some form of revenge.

re: "efforts will now switch to...what drove"

The drama is over...the police state remains. It was all hidden in plain sight - did you see it?

As quick as it came, now it is gone. Nice and neat as can be, no muss no fuss, no 'Dorner', no nothing. End of story. Move along, move along, nothing to see here. How convenient. Nothing left but a pile of ashes, and, a greatly expanded and much more visible police-state mechanism rising, phoenix-like, from those ashes. While the country (and world) looked on, as the "manhunt" played out, Californians all over the state were exposed to a massive police presence, interagency-interstate law enforcement partnerships were exercised, door to door searches conducted, mandatory searches at the USA-Mexico border were implemented, numerous Big Brother shoot-first-ask-later episodes were demonstrated, and, as it turns out, the situation even provided a perfect opportunity to play the drone card - all of which served nicely to further acclimate all spectators to the NWO agenda for a 'new normal' in new Amerika - a drone-using authoritarian police state. If they've seen it once, the next time will be a piece of cake is how it works.

And after all that, turns out that the 33 year old 'villian' was, according to the official storyline, "hiding in plain sight" a half mile from the police control center. 33 years old, hidden in plain sight? How much more masonic-Illuminati obvious can they make it?

The production is not completely over yet though. As the author of the above article points out, the scene will now shift to the villain's motive. This will bring the Brave New World forced 'mental screening' agenda [here] to the forefront. It's all in the script. Ordo ab chao all the way.

And, the next psy-op will begin shortly. Look for it to be in plain view.
 Rev. 18:4

Underwear Bomber...Oops...Rogue Ex-Cop Going Rambo... Causes NWO Multi-State Law Enforcement Partnership 2-8-13 "When they wanted to implement restrictive 'airport security' worldwide...an "underwear bomber" suddenly appeared out of nowhere...When they wanted to lock down Southern California, and run a multi-state martial law 'live-exercise'...a 'trained madman' with a scary "14-page manifesto"...suddenly appears. And he just happens to be a masonic 33 years old

NWO Agenda Coming Out: Droner, Er, Dorner...Is Now First "Human Target" Of Domestic Drones in U.S. 2-10-13 "And, when they wanted to...start using drones for domestic law enforcement, a 'bad guy' hiding in snow-covered mountains showed up, who, because of the "rugged terrain", could only be found by the use of "thermal-imaging cameras" mounted on drones"

2-11-13 TIME Magazine Announces "Rise Of The Drones" Against Americans "At Home" 2-12-13 "Is there even the remotest possibility of coincidence that this TIME magazine cover/article would come out at the precise time that drones...reportedly had been "unleashed" on a "human target" for the first time ever "at home"? ...Even if the Droner-Dorner 'miniseries' is not exactly a non-fiction production, as most likely is the case, the claimed "unleashing" of drones to hunt 'human targets' in the USA, as is reportedly being done in some foreign countries, would have the same effect.

Job 34:22 'There is no darkness, nor shadow of death, where the workers of iniquity may hide themselves'

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