NWO Likens Virginia 'Quake' To "10,676 Tons Of TNT" - As Above So Below? And DSK

Follow up on: NWO Passes U.S. Financial Takeover Bill, Washington Quakes 7-17-10
"WASHINGTON—Congress approved a rewrite of rules touching every corner of finance, from ATM cards to Wall Street traders, in the biggest expansion of government power over banking and markets since the Depression...On a side note, in seemingly true Cabalist "
as above, so below" fashion, the tremendous 'shaking' that occurred in the financial power realms - the remaking of the "financial landscape" as it was referred to, coincided with a very rare earthquake in Washington D.C. shortly after Washington D.C. Senators passed the bill. That is quite a coincidence. Shake for shake it almost seems. Was it a real quake? It almost seems like it could have actually been a little 'bomb'-quake, perhaps even triggered by the NWO Cabalist/Zionist self-proclaimed masters-of-the universe, in a victory toast to themselves, all popping the corks from their champagne bottles at the same time in celebration of their successful takeover. But, who can say." [see post]
Earthquake Listed at 5.9 Rattles East Coast From Virginia to New Hampshire

The largest East Coast quake in memory rattled nerves and buildings from Martha's Vineyard to to North Carolina, prompted the evacuation of Congressional buildings, slowed rail and air traffic, and forced two nuclear reactors offline.

The earthquake, estimated to be a 5.8 magnitude, sent people pouring out of office buildings, hospitals, the Pentagon and the State Department when it struck at 1:51 p.m. The pillars of the capitol in Washington, D.C. shook. Alarms sounded in the FBI and Department of Justice buildings, and some flooding was reported on an upper floor of the Pentagon as a result of the quake.

The National Cathedral suffered damage to at least three of the cathedral's pinnacles, Dean of the Cathedral Samuel Lloyd said.

According to convertalot.com, a web site which compiles measurements and calculators for a variety of statistics, the magnitude 5.9 earthquake released energy equivalent to the explosion of 10,676 tons of TNT.

The epicenter of the quake is very close to two Dominion Power nuclear power plants, North Anna 1 and 2.

Elizabeth Stuckle, spokesperson for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said that the reactors were "automatically and safely shut down."

re: "equivalent to the explosion of..."

A little more than a year ago Washington D.C. experienced a rare 'quake', which just so happened to occur almost immediately after the U.S. Congress had passed the Financial Regulatory Reform Act...which was touted as something that would "remake the financial landscape". An amazing coincidence it would seem, but at the same time, it is the reason why the story went into the "earthquake funny business" category". [see 'follow up' linked above]

Today's much larger and also very out-of-place 'quake' falls squarely into the same category. It is so over the top with "as above so below" type stuff, all "hidden in plain sight", that it boggles the mind. As that is the case, a few examples need to be pointed out.

First example is the very odd and widely reported statement of the "released energy" being "equivalent to 10,676 tons of TNT". Are they telling on themselves here? Hidden in plain sight?

Next note that it is reported that "the pillars of the capitol in Washington D.C. shook", and although not mentioned specifically in the above article, the White House, the Pentagon, the US Capitol, and federal buildings across Washington were all evacuated. Are those not the exact NWO goals for America? First to shake the very "pillars" of the nation, and then to "evacuate"...placing America into the global system...i.e. the Zionist kingdom?

In that planned "Zionist kingdom" there will be no competing religions allowed. The religion of Jewish-Zionism alone will reign supreme, according to the plan [here]. Note two things in this regard. One, again by way of specific report, it is stated that the "pinnacles" of the National Cathedral were damaged. A "pinnacle" always represents the height of power. The National Cathedral basically could be said to represent ecumenical Christendom across the spectrum of it's various denominations. The symbology here is obvious. It's 'pinnacles' have been damaged.

The second very interesting thing to note is the name of the company that owns the two nuclear power plants that were "shut down". The plants are owned by a company named "Dominion Power". There is another very large sector of so-called Christendom that is commonly referred to as "Dominionism". Dominionists believe that it is not Zionist Jews but they as "Christians" who are to dominate the planet and establish their own 'kingdom of God' with which to exercise "dominion power" over all the earth [here]. The symbology here too is, again, obvious. "Dominion Power" was shut down.

The nuclear plant aspect of today's special event actually has a dual significance as it truly is a major goal of the global green-agenda to phase out nuclear energy [
here]. As above so below.

And there is still more 'as above so below' funny business hidden in plain sight here. This video is from the post-court DSK press conference that just-so-happened to be taking place at the exact moment when the 'quake' hit, sending everyone scurrying. Very interesting timing:

The symbology of the DSK rape case had not been evident until today when the news came that the case against him had been dismissed. With that being the outcome the symbology suddenly became very clear though. As he was head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), he can be seen as 'representative' of the NWO powers-that-be that are currently violating the financial systems of the globe for their own benefit. The picture drawn here then is that they will do their deeds with impunity, and then chase away any that want to ask questions.

compare: Flashback: Man-Made Earthquakes? Israel, University of Hawaii Simulating Quakes With Explosives 1-24-10 "Israel will create a controlled explosion of 80 tons of explosive material, which will simulate the intensity of a tremor after an earthquake of Magnitude 3...Question: if 80 tons can simulate a Magnitude 3 quake, as stated in this article, then what magnitude quake could be simulated by a "controlled explosion" of 10 times that amount, or 100 times that amount, or even more for that matter?" [see post]

How about 10,676 tons of TNT?

The NWO-ers do not believe that their goals can be realized without the use of their dark magic. All their actions are planned accordingly. Be informed. Rev. 18:4

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8-26-11 update
Isaiah 47:9 'But these two things shall come to thee in a moment in one day, the loss of children, and widowhood: they shall come upon thee in their perfection for the multitude of thy sorceries, and for the great abundance of thine enchantments. 'Selah.'

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