Downgrade, Stock Market Crash: NWO Stepping Up USA Dissolution

This post is a follow up on: Full-Scale Collapse Of Old-World-Order Has Begun; 'Shiva' Dances 1-30-11 "There can never be a new-world-order until the old-world-order has been destroyed. It is just that simple. Collapsing governments and taking them over, one by one...ordo ab chao - 'order out of chaos' is overtaking the globe, and it is happening so fast that it is now coming as a sort of "perfect storm". So perfect that the only way it could really be explained is to admit of choreography. It has been choreographed - for the 'big dance' i.e. the full-scale collapse of the 'old-world-order.'...The dance has started. The news is not good but it must be processed." [see post, photo]
U.S. stocks slammed in 2008-style rout

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, which last week lost 698 points, nearly matched that drop in a single session, with Monday marking its worst day since late 2008.

“The downgrade of U.S. debt is clearly the catalyst for today’s move, but not the reason. The downgrade simply highlights [the fact that] the United States has problems which will take time to get resolved,” said Michael Sheldon, chief market strategist at RDM Financial.

Trying to reassure Wall Street and Main Street, President Barack Obama on Monday expressed hope that the downgrade would prompt “common sense and compromise” in Washington.

re: "since late 2008"

see: '9-1-2' Controlled Financial Implosion For Global Government 10-1-08 "Controlled implosion. This is not 9-1-1. It's the next phase. This is 9-1-2. The controlled implosion of the entire financial system of the country. The entire financial system of the world to be more precise. It's as simple in strategy as it may be in difficulty to believe...Extremely rough water ahead...The global transition is now on fast-forward. The Zionist Kingdom of the false messiah is being birthed and it's not a pretty baby... Not at all, in fact, it's looking an awful lot like "Rosemary's baby". [see post]

'Expert': Global Financial System Needed To Save World 9-24-08 "...the entire dramatic production is nothing more than a ruse to hide the true intent...Everything that is going on now... [is]...nothing more than transitional stages necessary to get from point 'A' to point 'B'. Point 'B', being of course, the complete control of the global financial system by those who would make themselves to be the masters of the world...There most likely will be many more "dramatic productions" needed before the full "systemic" transition is completed. [see post]

Absolutely transparent. The "dramatic productions" required to engineer the full scale collapse of the 'old-world-order', that is. Taking over the world is of course a monumental task requiring both tremendous planning and time. It will not be done in an instant. And this is exactly what we are witnessing. The choreographed "global economic crisis" crafted by the Tower of Babel/Zionist Kingdom builders and launched in late 2008 [see two links above] is now, three years later, being taken to entirely new levels of 'chaos' across the globe. It has reached critical mass throughout Europe, e.g. Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Italy, to name a few (France may be next), and the harsh reality is that the USA is now on the chopping block also.

Very simply, nation-states, including the USA, cannot and will not exist in the new world order and must be dissolved. Downgrade the U.S. because of the so called debt crisis, throw in a major stock market crash, and suddenly America is no longer the belle of the global ball, but is now viewed as weak and dependant. In other words, ready to be sacrificed on the altar of Luciferian globalism. Just like Europe.

All according to script [here]. This script is the same one being followed to effectively change the method of U.S. government from what is supposed to be elective representation to dictatorship: i.e. Executive Orders (E.O.), czars, and the latest and most blatant constitution-defying power grab...the so-called super committee aka "Super Congress".

Totalitarian rule over the entire planet is the only goal of the kabalist global power brokers, and they will stop at nothing to accomplish it. Collapsing the entire old-order of things is required to achieve the goal. To bring it home, the NWO is drastically stepping up the plan with regard to the USA. It is just that simple.

To those who believe the Word of God, these things are expected*. Be sobered. Rev. 18:4

*As it was in the days of Noe
1Th 5:8 'But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation'

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