Video: MSNBC Pushes "Alien Invasion" Threat As Real; Global Government The Answer

Follow up on: Scientists Tell U.N. Earth Must Plan For 'Aliens'; And The Bible 1-11-11 " UN should co-ordinate plans for dealing with extraterrestrials – and we can't guarantee that aliens will be friendly. They argue that a branch of the UN must be given responsibility for "supra-Earth affairs" and formulate a plan for how to deal with extraterrestrials, should they appear" [see post]
MSNBC: They come in peace?* [note the little subliminal message on lower left of screen] [some choice quotes:]

MSNBC talking head Dylan Ratigan: [0:22 sec.] "an alien invasion sounds crazy perhaps....but whoever thought we'd see the stock market swing 5% a day all week long so perhaps it's not as far-fetched as it sounds...and who would step up to lead us?"

[3:45] Michio Kaku: "we have yet to find a single advanced civilization...or life...in outer space but sooner or later we will"

[4:43] Kaku "...however we do have to plan for the day that maybe a few of them could be hostile..."

[4:50] Ratigan: "I'm wondering if there can't be an upside to this and I'm a big fan of the original star trek series and it was only when there were alien civilizations that seemed to challenge the earth that you found that the earth got it's act together for the kind of global governance that all the visionaries say that we need if we're gonna deal with climate change...if we're gonna deal with all the modern issues...global finance...where the sovereignty of individual nations is actually a political barrier to solving these big problems..."

Here is another quote from the post at the 'follow up' link above, which is related to this 'theatre of the absurd' video: "'Aliens' will in fact appear on the earth one day. But they will not be 'space-aliens', they will be demons from the bottomless pit; see: Rev. 9:2,3,7,8,9,10,11 [hover] . This is not science fiction but inspired Holy scripture. Apparently though they intend to be passing themselves off as real 'space-aliens'...[and]..."[we] will need to see the 'vistors' as "the gift of a loving and gracious God" according to "astrotheologian" Ted Peters"...Surely the demons would appreciate this - it would make it much easier to take possession of the humans [can you say '666'?], which is by the way their plan." [see post]

"Aliens" and global government? As utterly bizarre as this is, the talking heads of the NWO Bureau of Propaganda are actually describing the very thing foretold by the book of Revelation. That is to say...what ultimately will turn out to be a demonic infestation of the earth along with the devil incarnate aka the Antichrist rising to power to establish his 666 global kingdom in an attempt to dominate mankind and usurp control of the planet from God the creator forever. It is written. Here is what is real at this point- absolutely bizarre-crazy yes...but real regardless - as evidenced by the above video: the Lucifer-worshiping would-be kings of the earth have got their doomed plan in motion right before our very eyes. You are seeing it. Know what you are seeing. The bible is true. Do you believe? Rev. 18:4
Compare the related "as above so below" of the: Chilean mine incident 2010

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see also 8-20-11 followup: NASA/Penn State warn global warming may bring alien attack
*Luke 21:8 'Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ'

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