Update 2: Eddie Long Mediation Sham Introduces "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Into Apostate 'Christen-dumb'

Follow up on: 'Laodicean' Eddie Long Update: Homosexual Charges Not Mediated, Charade Going To Trial 5-15-11 "It appears that the "Eddie Long" charade with all it's proud defiance is now poised to take the oxymoronic 'christian-homosexual' acceptance agenda to the entire world. Be not moved true Christian."
Eddie Long Addresses Megachurch After Lawsuit Settlement christianpost.com

Bishop Eddie Long delivered his first Sunday sermon at his Atlanta megachurch since he reached a settlement out of court in the sexual misconduct case.

Congregants at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church welcomed Long with applause and cheers when he took the stage at the 8 a.m. service Sunday.

Just two days prior, the lawsuits brought by four young men alleging Long of coercing them into sexual relationships were officially dismissed "with prejudice" Friday.

Lawyers for both sides have given no details on the settlement other than to confirm that the lawsuits have been resolved.

Long did not address the allegations or the settlement during his address Sunday but his congregation did sing a praise song on "moving forward."

The accusers in the case, Anthony Flagg, Spencer LeGrande, Jamal Parris and Maurice Robinson, were former members of New Birth. They alleged in their lawsuits filed in September that the pastor used his position and lavish gifts to lure them into sexual relationships.

New Birth updated its website Sunday to include the resolution statement on the Eddie Long case:

"After a series of discussions, all parties involved have decided to resolve the civil cases out of court. This decision was made to bring closure to this matter and to allow us to move forward with the plans God has for this ministry."

"As is usually the case when civil lawsuits resolve out of court, we cannot discuss any details regarding the resolution or the resolution process, as they are confidential."

"The resolution is the most reasonable road for everyone to travel."
re: "most reasonable road"*

After being widely reported two weeks ago as unsuccessful, accused-sodomist pseudo-christian Eddie Long and his Sodomization of Christendom team have in fact pulled the proverbial ace out of their collective sleeves and delivered up a little mediatorial conclusion to their scripted 'homosexual-acceptance-for-christians' production after all. In essence it is something along the lines of "Don't ask, don't tell".

"We cannot discuss any details" is the official statement on the Long website in regard to the matter, adding that this is "...the most reasonable road for everyone to travel".

Apparently, in case you have not yet been brought up to speed here in 2011, tolerating homosexual behavior in a 'christian' pastor (even one that is married, as is Long) is now the most "reasonable" thing that you can do:

12-10-10 Eddie 'Laodicean' Long Update: Mediation and Homosexualizing Christendom
"The Eddie Long 'homosexual scandal' reeks of it. No outright denials to date, only a denial of 'coercion' or 'misconduct'. Agrees to private mediation behind closed doors, although as pointed out by author of the above article, any possibility of pleading innocence is forever forfeited. Nevertheless, Long is essentially off-the-hook if the February mediation is successful and the 'accusers' are sworn to silence. Long remains in pulpit (and on TBN) as an accused homosexual. The "questions remain". Members of his church are then forced to turn a blind eye and continue as if everything is just fine. Go Eddie...[see post]

And turn a blind eye they have done according to the above article from christianpost.com, welcoming the unrepentant and defiant Eddie Long's news of an out-of-court settlement with applause and cheers and a little praise song about "moving forward". Need a definition of utter apostasy? Look no further.

"Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked" Rev. 3:17

compare: 10-3-10 Laodicean Eddie Long Ignores Homosexual Charges, Preaches Again; Promotes Self On Billboard
"The Laodicean apostasy is raging out of control today. The majority of Long's church-goers seem to be 'over it' already. That is the epitome of 'lukewarm-ness'. They do not care right or wrong as long as they can still get their lusty ears itched [2Tim. 4:3]...On a side note, Long's lusty ear-itching 'prosperity-doctrine', for lack of a better term, is unscriptural i.e apostate to begin with. Having been successful with that though, he is now apparently the 'chosen-one' to introduce 'homosexual tolerance' into apostate Christendom at large." [see post]

And so it is in lukewarm-Laodicea 2011 - homosexual tolerance i.e. acceptance is now "reasonable". Don't ask, don't tell, right?

Does God have plans for this 'ministry', as the Long resolution statement on their website claims? Oh you had better believe it....

Get out professing Christian or get spued out. Rev. 3:16 [hover]
*Matt 7:13 'Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat'

update: 2-3-12 Eddie Long Jewish 'king' ritual

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