5/2/11 - NWO Kills Off Fictional Character "Osama Bin Laden"; Escalates Police State America Agenda

Expert: Security Checkpoints Near Soft Targets May Soon Become The Norm
A Day May Come When You'll Be Patted Down Going Into Stores

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Counter terrorism experts say a retaliation attack for Osama bin Laden’s death is inevitable. Terrorists are expected to aim for more vulnerable soft targets like shopping malls or museums.

They are places jam-packed with people — pedestrian malls, shopping centers and stadiums.

Security consultant David Boehm said the future could include security check points entering all soft targets — like your local department store. Boehm said even with a police presence, the areas are vulnerable.

“The reason they’re called ‘soft’ is because it’s so easily accessible to anyone. There has to be security checks for the safety of all people,” Broehm said

It’s freedom, coming with an increasingly heavy price.

re: "retaliation...is inevitable"

It is all so simple. The absolute physical impossibility of the official 9-11 story of jet-fuel-melted steel beams (jet fuel burns nowhere close to the temperature required to melt steel [less than 50%]), and tens-of-thousands of tons of concrete exploding into massive clouds of dust [fire cannot cause that] - both having been caused by crashing jetliners and the resulting fire, rather than an obviously explosive-generated controlled-demolition, precludes also the official "Osama Bin Laden" story from any possible basis in reality.

quoted from an
8-18-10 post: "...the harsh reality, is that the whole thing [official 9-11 storyline] is built on a falsehood. That falsehood is, of course, that alleged Muslim terrorists took down the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Who actually is responsible is another topic which we are not interested in debating, but, who did not have prior access to the buildings whereby they would be able to pre-wire the explosives necessary to cause the perfect implosion of the huge steel and concrete towers when the planes flew into them is easy to determine. No 'Muslim terrorists' could have ever pulled that off, as millions of people worldwide now know this to be the case"

The basic laws of physics do not allow any other conclusion whatsoever. This is the harsh reality regardless of how long the '9-11 Osama Bin Laden' storytellers continue to ramble on or how loud they get. That is their story and they are sticking to it. For those who prefer reality though, when these things are understood, it becomes instantly clear that as blame is assigned to a particular 'person', in line with the fictional storyline, that of necessity makes that 'nefarious villain' to be nothing more than a fictional character, i.e. a boogie man. It cannot be otherwise.

And so you have it. And in writing the fictional character of 'Osama Bin Laden' out of the NWO global-dictatorship script and turning the page to the next chapter titled 'Revenge of the Osama-ites', the lockdown of America can now be taken to the next level. That next level, as predicted in the above article, may sooner than later include "security checks" just about anywhere you might want to go.

To quote the above article, "It's freedom, coming with an increasingly heavy price". The truth is exactly the opposite though. While the price truly is going to be heavy, it is not freedom at all that is coming, but enslavement by a devilish cabal of self-proclaimed global elites. It is not good news. But it is the reality of the world today. Do not be blinded by the delusion of their illusion. See the light. John 8:12

Proverbs 23:23 'Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding'

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