'Laodicean' Eddie Long Update: Homosexual Charges Not Mediated, Charade Going To Trial

The thoroughly anti-Christ NWO's "Sodomization of Christendom" agenda marches on...
Follow up on: Eddie 'Laodicean' Long Update: Mediation and Homosexualizing Christendom 12-10-10 "With...everyone and their mother chiming in with their personal viewpoints and opinions, the 'Hegelian dialectic' can work it's dark magic to break down biblical truth and replace it with 'homosexual tolerance'. Love, forgiveness, understanding, we don't really know anyway, maybe it's okay, who are you to judge, we should agree to disagree, etc.." [see post]***
Eddie Long Case Not Settled, Expected to Head to Court
The lawsuit against Bishop Eddie Long for sexual misconduct apparently could not be settled outside of court. The judge who said less than a month ago that the dispute was close to being resolved now says he is preparing to hear the case in court this fall.

Atlanta’s WSBTV Channel 2 first reported on Thursday that Judge Johnny Panos is looking at a trial date in August or September. Panos declined to give details of what could not be resolved during the settlement discussions.

Since February, attorneys from both parties have been actively negotiating to try to work out a compromise and settle outside of court. If the parties settled outside of court, then none of the information discussed during the mediation process would be disclosed to the public.
re: "none of the information...disclosed to the public"

Ah, but the so-called mediation was not successful and so the Eddie Long "sodomization of Christendom" dialectic-propaganda production looks to be headed for a very public discourse on the topic of homosexuality and Christianity - with all the gory details apparently to now be broadcast far and wide.

It is crucial to note that Long, to date, has still never publicly denied the charges of having engaged in homosexual conduct with the young but legally-of-age-in-Georgia male accusers. He has to this day only denied "coercion" [
Despite clear scriptural prohibition [here], the international homosexual movement is aggressively intent on forcing the acceptance of homosexuality as being perfectly compatible with biblical Christianity.

It appears that the "Eddie Long" charade with all it's proud defiance is now poised to take the oxymoronic 'christian-homosexual' acceptance agenda to the entire world. Be not moved true Christian. Rev. 18:4
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Jude 12 'These are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear: clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots'

update: 2-3-12 Eddie Long Jewish 'king' ritual

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