WHO: Pandemic Declaration Pending

The WHO (World Health Organiziation) has been threatening to declare a global pandemic for at least the last couple of weeks or so (see here 5-24-09). Reportedly that scenario may be coming closer by the day:
6-5-09 Swine Flu Pandemic Declaration Will Include Severity (Update2) ... bloomberg

The Geneva-based WHO within days will declare the first influenza pandemic in 41 years, according to people familiar with the United Nations agency’s plans.

WHO also urged that countries keep monitoring for unusual outbreaks of flu-like illness and continue for now to produce vaccines aimed at controlling the seasonal flu, according to the statement.
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*related to this news item is this commentary by F. William Engdahl : The WHO Plays with Pandemic Fire 6-5-09 (click link to read full commentary at global research.ca)
"According to information from within the World Health Organization in Geneva, the UN organization supposedly monitoring global health dangers, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan plans to declare a Phase 6 Official Pandemic Alert in the coming days."

"The report that WHO may declare an official Pandemic global alert any time is all the more bizarre given the fact that the global wave of cases reported to date to WHO from around the world reportedly have been so mild as to be indistinguishable from the symptoms of ordinary flu."
"US CDC stops regular reporting?
"Even more bizarre for a supposed pandemic ‘threat to all mankind’ the official monitoring agency in the nation with so far the largest number of reported case counts, which notably include ‘probable’ ad well as ‘confirmed’ H1N1 cases, namely the United States, the CDC announced en passant, on that May 28 press briefing that, ‘beginning next week, we're going to shift to a different schedule. We'll be updating our case count information less frequently.’ That statement came from Dr. Anne Schuchat, Deputy Director for Science and Public Health Program of the US Centers for Disease Control. She declined to say what ‘less frequently’ was or even why such a decision was reached at the same time the US Government is dedicating billion dollars fast track funds to drug makers to produce H1N1 vaccines."
"Oops! Wait a minute. I thought we were teetering on the edge of declaring a global Pandemic Emergency, Phase 6 where travel restrictions, mandatory quarantine and other extreme steps would be implemented. Then the responsible national agency in the country with something like 67% of all reported cases of H1N1 Swine Flu decided casually not to report so often?"
"Once WHO declares a Phase 6 Pandemic Alert, all ____ could break loose with governments and population going into panic, cancellation of international travel, severe domestic travel restrictions and other emergency measures resembling martial law."
re: "updating our case count less frequently"
In other words we are not giving the public any real information at all...they will just have to believe anything they are told and trust us. We are the government! (see: Trust Us 5-25-09)
Very interesting also to note that the new WHTI (Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative) has just been implemented as of June 1 '09 (see 2nd post below: 'Travel Documents' Requirement For U.S. Citizens Begins) securing control of Americans ability to travel outside the country. This could be a perfectly fitting piece of the NWO puzzle. That is to say that if in the event of a WHO level six pandemic declaration a resultant "cancellation of international travel (and) severe domestic travel restrictions" were to be implemented, as the above author suggests, the necessary regulations to accomplish this are already now in place.
Timing is everything they say.
This is a long way from over...stay tuned


ABLeaver said...

When a global pandemic alert is issued, it is the "obligation" of countries to "inform" ( scare the pants off) their local citizens so as to alert (scare) them.

Here in the Rep of Panama we see in every store on every public entry door a sign that scares...oops alerts citizens to wash their hands because of this terrible "disease". And is if they are not yet scared enough, they are informed where they can get their "shot". ( If you need a shot it HAS to be very bad !) How very "sad" for those who live in poverty out in the country that can't afford their shot. (sarcasm)

Ps 91

tom m. said...


Thanks for the Panama update. Interesting to hear a first person report from that part of the globe.

ABL said...

Spoke with a doctor friend of mine yesterday. He and his wife stopped by. He is the head of Social Service medicine (welfare medicine) for the 3rd largest city in the Rep of Panama... (He's a wonderful Christian BTW.) Anyway he follows the WHO line of thinking and believes that this flu line must be watched closely because it could amp up and join with the bird variety. Besides he said..."we are over-due for another mega pandemic...like the Spanish flu".

I left it at that....