Local Hawaii News: Twisted Global Brainwashing Agenda Coming To Hawaii As People Asked to Play 'Lifeboat'

Hawaii working on list of who gets shots first in flu pandemic
Public's input wanted on who'll be vaccinated first if outbreak strikes

State health officials want the public's views on deciding who should get vaccinated — and who should not — against the next flu pandemic that reaches the Islands.
So far, a wide-ranging advisory group of about a dozen community members representing religious groups, the chamber of commerce and even an expert in mediation have been working to set up a system that will help determine who will be inoculated first and who will have to face the pandemic unarmed, at least until more vaccine can be manufactured and shipped to Hawai'i.
*The final determination will rest with Gov. Linda Lingle.
"It's very important to involve the community," he said. [Dr. Vivek Nerurkar]
To that end, the Health Department plans a public education campaign that will begin next month to explain the project and get community opinions.
Hawai'i and five other states have been chosen to participate in a federal program to carry out further pandemic planning.
But Hawai'i health officials want to solicit a broad variety of opinions to put together a list of people — or, more likely, job categories and demographic guidelines — of who should be inoculated first.
We encourage everyone to participate in the public activities and let their voice be heard."
In an e-mail, Seaborn wrote that the Health Department wants to "get feedback from Hawai'i's residents on what they value (i.e. — canoe carvers? Single moms? Elderly? Young? Teachers? Garbage collectors?)"

Gallo also sits on the advisory group and believes "it says a lot for the state of Hawai'i how serious they take this kind of planning and want to hear community input.
  • Three live one-hour broadcasts on KHNL in April. A panel of speakers will discuss who should get vaccinations during a pandemic and solicit viewer opinions on air and via e-mail. The shows are tentatively scheduled from 8 to 9 p.m. April 15, 22 and 29.
  • An "Alternate Reality Game" will be available in late April or early May. Details are still being worked out, but the game is aimed at Island residents. People on the Mainland probably will be able to access the game as potential tourists.
  • Community-based meetings around O'ahu from April through May 30, still to be scheduled.
re: "encourage everyone to participate"
The nation-state model of government is being collapsed across the globe and the new model of global government which will replace the old will be a regional system, managed locally at the individual community level. This is the plan known as Agenda 21. It is also called communitarianism. Every community must be a self-managed entity and all members of the community must be involved in some way. Often, as in this case in Hawaii, the 'common enemy' is utilized to bring all the various players to the table. The 'common enemy' here is the fabricated pandemic 'threat'. Once at the table, partnerships are formed, community networks created, 'community leaders' identified, the people are sucked in as unwitting participants, and the global communtarian, i.e. dictatorial, system begins to take shape. "Community-based meetings"? That is what they are for.
*Note also that the governor is to theoretically be given the final power as the 'local' dictator in this sick little game of 'lifeboat'. This idea of absolute power can have nothing whatsoever to do with elective-representative government...which is fitting, because it actually further proves that the American form of democracy is now obsolete. Out with the old, in with the new.
The so-called "public education campaign", aka brainwashing, to determine who should be vaccinated in the event of a so-called pandemic is an ominous sign of the seriously twisted influence the globalists have perpetrated upon the many people who are ignorantly doing their bidding in establishing the communtarian global government.
Be informed, Hawaii is taking it to the next level with TV shows and solicited on-air participation and via e-mail. This is not a good sign.
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Psalms 94:2 Lift up thyself, thou judge of the earth: render a reward to the proud.


ABL said...

The two VA cemetary projects...one in Phoenix,Arizona and the other in Houston. Huge fields of cement vaults ...each with a 4 casket capacity placed touching one another and covered over with dirt.... The vaults are buried..empty. That strikes me as creepy. What's up with that. I wrote to a friend in Phoenix and he live 2 miles from there and confirms it's the real deal and the news media there say nothing.

Also I recall in Hawaii years ago this vaccination issue for the planned flu pandemic. Working as a nurse, I was told we all had to take it. Never happened. Big hubba bubba ...then nothing.

S/P said...

ABL, It's the way the people are desensitized to critical issues...big hubba bubba, then nothing.....for awhile. Then another of the same crisis, then nothing for awhile. However, the behind-the-scenes planning never stops.....It's A/21 all the way. Different 'crisis' are being used to create Ordo Ab Chao and get everyone on board.

There remaineth a rest to the people of God.