NorthCom 'Coordinating' Flood Response In North Dakota

NorthCom will help with flooding in North Dakota

"THE GAZETTE Northern Command is providing help in the disaster response to flooding in North Dakota, the command said Thursday in a press release.
The command will stage at the Grand Forks Air Force Base to aid the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
NorthCom will help distribute supplies and coordinate the relief effort.
A defense coordinating officer dispatched by NorthCom will act as the liaison between FEMA and NorthCom, relaying capabilities available to FEMA and coordinating movement of active-duty personnel and equipment to assist should the need arise.
NorthCom is based at Peterson Air Force Base."
re: 'NorthCom...active duty personnel'

quoted from: Martial Law For North America? 11-18-08 Bottom line of the globalization agenda concerning this country is that the amalgamation of the so-called North American Union is the only thing on the agenda...This will involve military rule over the entire continent. Canada Command and *NorthCom are both military organizations and are prepared to take that rule..." (see post)

*NorthCom is short for "Northern Command", created in 2002 in response to 9-11 we are told, with a jurisdiction extending to and including Canada and Mexico. see: canamerexico (Canadian-American troop exchange agreement)"

In a rapidly increasing trend, the militarization of law enforcement is silently becoming the norm in "the homeland", formerly known as the United States of America. In this case, as the posted article reveals, Northern Command will be making their presence felt in flooded Fargo, North Dakota, to "coordinate the relief effort". In other words, the military organization NorthCom will 'take the rule' over the disaster response, so-called. This "relief effort" will include active duty personnel in violation of what was formerly known as Posse Comitatus, the now evidently ignored statute prohibiting this very thing. The significance of this should not be missed.
Military control over state and local agencies has a name. That name is martial law. Be informed, it is just getting off the ground but the changes will be NWO permanent. Rev. 18:4
see: 10/1/08 First Ever Troop Deployment on American Soil
Job 4 'Knowest thou not this of old, since man was placed upon earth, 5 That the triumphing of the wicked is short...'

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