George Floyd THE PSYOP -- Trump Foretold It 2-20-20 'I Can't Breathe'; And "Police Reform" NWO-Style

Trump campaign rally Colorado Springs 2-20-20 Trump recites exact words used in George Floyd Psyop Ritual May 2020


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George Floyd PSYOP ..racial strife unrest anarchy divide and conquer ordo-ab-chao collapse the old order force the new .. everything scripted manufactured choreographed everyday

[*4-21-21] With the 'guilty verdict' on Chauvin the msm-nwo narrative has seemingly, for the most part, swithced over from racism and rioting/destruction (for the moment or until the next one perhaps) to the topic of "police reform". So-called 'police reform' has been the hot-button issue of late via a number of high-profile events in the past few years. This Floyd-Chauvin show looks to be now bringing the 'discussion' front-and-center. Accomplished the same way everything is accomplished - using the ordo-ab-chao method. See it?

Reforming the method of policing for the new-world-order, as it were, is an integral part of the overall nwo-agenda. It is to be structured to work in the planned system. The planned system is called communitarianism - aka 'community-based management'. The policing aspect of the system was originally called C.O.P.S. - an acronym for 'Community Oriented Policing'. Community members actually policing their own communities is what this means. The name C.O.P.S. is not used much any more but the goal is unchanged. It is the way the communitarian system is designed. Everything being now seen is ushering in the transition. It is on - do understand what you are seeing because it represents truly radical trance-formation. Not going into it more now here, we'll just wait and watch for the time being, but touched on these things in some past posts - a couple here if interested to get the basic idea: link1; link2

Vid originally posted 6-7-20

Rev. 18:4
Micah 6:12 'For the rich men thereof are full of violence, and the inhabitants thereof have spoken lies, and their tongue is deceitful in their mouth'

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