MCP 'Muslim Community Patrol' Starts Up In NYC With Look-Like-Police Cars -- Agenda 21 Global Communities

New York Gets New 'Muslim Community Patrol' With 'Squad Cars' That Look Like Police

(excerpted) "[Maeen Ali] is among the first 30 members of the all-volunteer Muslim Community Patrol & Services that is preparing to operate in neighborhoods in Brooklyn, with a goal of growing its fleet of two cars to five by the end of the month and eventually expanding citywide. The group recently held a training led by off-duty officers from the Police Department’s 72nd Precinct...

MCP Muslim Community Patrol - NYC global-community privatized policing up and running - screenshot
"...the new group — believed to be the first of its kind in the country — hopes to function as extra sets of eyes and ears for the police..." [see full post at link]
Two things going on here - both Agenda 21. First thing to be understood is that Agenda 21 - the designed 'Global Governance System for the 21st Century' - is at the local level, the bottom level that is, a community-based management model. Basically this means that in the final, full outworking of the plan, all communities globally would essentially be self-managed, and that according to a standardized global model. Same handbook for all everywhere - in other words. This system is called communitarianism.

The policing aspect of this community-based model is what has been usually referred to by the name COP's - an acronym for 'community-oriented-policing'. 'Community and police working together', in general, is the way COP's is typically explained. In the final global model though it would basically come down to community members self-policing their own communities, with the 'real police' (military perhaps) acting as overseers, 'overseeing' probably all communities in any given 'geographic region'.

The second thing Agenda 21 seen in the above article is the converting of communities from their typical nationality to multi-culture mixed-nationality communities ...so as to blend it all together ...so as to create homogenized truly-global communities.

Muslims given free rein to do Middle-Eastern muslim-ism policing in US America-city...? - That's called global-homogenization.

One world government at the local level. This is that. Antichrist one-world government do note.

Tower of Babel like [Gen. 11:1-4*].

Rev. 18:4
*Gen. 11:5 'And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded'


Christsfreeservnt said...

Tom, where could I find something on Agenda 21 that is at an elementary level, like one of those "For Dummies" kind of documents, or like a subject "Simplified"? Something that kind of gives the run down on it in bullet form, but doesn't over complicate it? I have the general gist of it in my mind, but I would like to nail it down in my mind, but I am a slow reader, with low level reading comprehension, so I need something that kind of summarizes it all. Do you know of anything like that? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Sue Love

tom m. said...

Agenda21 - first thing is to not over complicate it. It really is very simple. Bottom line Agenda 21 is 'one world government'

To be more precise:

When someone starts a business they first develop a 'business plan'. That plan contains everything that they intend to do to build the business and how it will be run... what when how much, do this do that, etc. down to the very last detail.

In exactly the same way, to create a one-world government out of the existing world-system, the planners came up with, as it were, a "business plan". This they did, and that plan is called Agenda 21 (or UN2030 - same thing just another name).

So Agenda 21 - to be specific - is simply the business plan for how to build the one world government and how it will be run.

Understand that much you understand Agenda 21.

The rest is the details. The nuts and bolts, as the saying goes. Join these nations, create these committees, invent climate change to make new laws, restore 'wildlands', relocate populations into managed cities, etc. etc. etc. and on it goes (it is very comprehensive - it covers everything - it is a plan to fully micromanage the entire earth. ...down to the last detail).

So the basic is just that easy: A21 is the world govt plan.

And, then, everything you hear about "Agenda 21" is just the doing of that plan (happening now everywhere). The 'nuts and bolts'.

Learning that is not hard just takes research. For starters:

an old article describing the basics [2008]:


from blog couple old posts ['08,'12] describing certain aspects:



keep it simple

Christsfreeservnt said...

Tom, Thank you so much! This is very helpful. Yes, I understood the basics, but I needed a little more of the particulars to understand how this works, so this was most appreciated. I will check out the links you shared with me, too. Sue Love