Needle In The Arm With That Coffee Ma'am? - Starbucks Partnering With Govt. To Vax All The 'Goy-Herd'

Starbucks Getting in the Vaccination Agenda

Aiming to boost the slow pace of administering Covid-19 vaccinations, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said Monday that the state has turned to Starbucks for help streamlining logistics and setting a new goal to dole out 45,000 doses a day.

Starbucks has assigned 11 employees with expertise in labor and deployment, operations, and research and development to work full time on vaccine distribution in its home state, the company said, adding that the number of employees could change.

Microsoft, another Seattle area-based corporation, will also set up a site to perform 5,000 vaccinations a day, he said.

The Starbucks employees assigned to work on vaccine distribution will use the company's computer simulation modeling system to find ways to expedite inoculations, according to the state and the company. Starbucks and Washington hope the partnership will create an improved vaccine distribution network across the state's 39 counties and 29 tribal nations.

Reportedly no 'vacinations' are to be done at actual Starbucks stores. They are just providing their 'managerial expertise' to 'the cause'...as the story goes. As seen in the article though another corporate entity, Microsoft, is setting up an actual location on their property to inject 'the herd' [link] with the who-knows-what-it-is toxic-soup concoction called 'covid-vaccine'. Many other corporations nationwide are being co-opted - like Walmart for instance - which announced last month [12-'20] that Walmart stores and phamacies nationwide would become 'Community Vax-Centers' [see link below*].

Note what is happening here. As ongoing 'lockdowns' continue to force closures of non-corporate small-business nationwide and worldwide, the corporate world is now acquiring piece-by-piece total control of all facets of everything. At the same time, as seen here, the corporate world is also actively merging with government. The final outworking of the entire process can be one thing only - a single entity i.e. 'the State'. A totalitarian global system that is. People must be controlled for the system to work though. That is where forced medical procedures like 'vaccination' factor into the equation. Forcing a person to submit to any medical procedure robs the individual of personal autonomy. Which is exactly the reason for it.

The phantom-monster Corona making it all possible. And the 'blob' is growing by the day.

January 2021 see through it all go from there.

Rev. 18:4
This post a follow up on:

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* March To Hunger Games: Walmarts To Become 'Vaccination Centers' -- Corona Delusion Next Phase (5000 Stores) 12-11-20

Eph. 6:12 'For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places''

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