WHO 7-13-20: No Return To 'Old Normal'..Going To Get "Worse And Worse And Worse" -- Ghebreyesus  [They Live]

WHO -- Ghebreyesus 7-13-20:

“I want to be straight with you: There will be no return to the old normal for the foreseeable future... I repeat: there will be no return to the old normal for the foreseeable future...”

If all the sheeple do not bow down to us and do exactly what we tell them...

“...there is only one way this pandemic is going to go: It’s going to get worse and worse and worse.”


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“...if governments do not clearly communicate with their citizens and roll-out a comprehensive strategy focused on suppressing transmissions”


*Antichrist Zio-kingdom-kome see: Zionism and coming Jewish Antichrist [Bible prophecy]
also: 'Zion' - no cornerstone

2Timothy 2:19 'Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity'


Linda said...

I try to think of how Jesus will reconcile the world to himself. Would be interested to hear your thoughts. And all who have this hope within them purifieth themselves. And how to overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our Testimony and to have the courage not to love our lives unto the death. Soon instead of masks, they will demand to check the mark of the beast before entering a grocery store. I sing the hymn GRANT US WISDOM, GRANT US COURAGE, FOR THE LIVING OF THESE DAYS, FOR THE LIVING OF THESE DAYS.

Unknown said...

You're right Linda. Nice to see someone who's aware of the times.
Pretty soon we will be getting denied entry for not having our ID2020 nano chip passport.
When I was a kid I wondered how people could ever accept the mark of the beast.
Now I see.

tom m. said...

(response to Linda - 1st comment at top)

re: how...reconcile the world

(very briefly:)

Well that is what the book of Revelation is all about - the details on how it will happen.

This verse of scripture gives an interesting overview on the subject:

Proverbs 2:22 'But the wicked shall be cut off from the earth, and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it'

The key word is "rooted". When weeding a garden if the roots are not digged-out - it won't be long till the weeds come back. In the coming 'time of tribulation' the LORD shall begin the process of 'rooting out' all his adversaries - every strain of weed and 'tare' - leaving not a single 'root'. But the process will not be completed during the tribulation. After that there is still the millennial period of 1000 years marked off - as revealed in Revelation 20 - for further trial of mankind ... which as the scripture shows will end in further rebellion. This will bring upon the world the (real) Gog-Magog battle - at which time the LORD shall remove all those tenacious 'roots' [Rev. 20:8-9]. After that is done ...according to the Word of God ...comes a new heaven and a new earth [Rev. 21:1]

re: mark of the beast - the mark of the beast of course cannot precede the appearance of the biblical personage of the Antichrist on the world scene. He will have to be in power for a few years before 'the mark' begins. Still quite a few things that need to happen before 'the beast' can come into the picture - according to scripture closely adhered to [more on that see: 10 kings shall arise]

So regardless of how loony things are presently - the real 'mark' is still a ways off. This brings up also the subject of the rapture and other questions of eschatology in general but that is another post...


Unknown said...

to: tom m, You don't know if antichrist is not in power right now, he is not going to be leader of any country but he will appear as leader of the world and nobody would know him before. I think that he is already in power seating in the UN giving orders to the leaders of every country including WHO. You are wrong saying that the mark of the beast is way off and you shouldn't confuse people on this matter because sripture in the bible IS not clear how antichrist will appear. My advice to everyone is do not take the covid19 gmo vaccine which will alter your DNA and digital certificate that will follow the vaccine. Better be safe than sorry later loosing eternal life.

tom m. said...

to unknown directly above:

re: sripture in the bible IS not clear how antichrist will appear

Really should learn the scriptures before trying to preach them - because what you have written is total error.

Couldn't be more wrong. Scripture is very clear on the appearance of the Antichrist - in fact - in my comment above is a link to a post entitled "10 kings shall arise". It is a post about one of the places where the bible tells us exactly how, and when, the Antichrist will appear - in Daniel 7. What is described there has not happened yet - see post. And this being true, very simply, the mark of the beast also cannot happen yet; see 'The Mark' - 666

Another place: Rev. 6:1-2 is the opening of the first seal - this is the beginning of the tribulation - and is also the appearance of the Antichrist. No seals have been opened yet - none - and the world is not now in the tribulation.

And, regardless of how many 'professing christians' do not believe in the rapture, the Word of God teaches it, that it is "pre-trib' - meaning it happens before any seals are opened - meaning also before the Antichrist appears; see Rev 5:9-10 (the church is in heaven singing a new song - BEFORE any ch. 6 seals are opened and start of tribulation. (note: denying the pre-trib rapture can only lead to overall error in the understanding of the NT church)

And, no vaccine can alter a persons dna (this is a huge lie-delusion). This is a whole nother subject i'm not entering into here though - i'm also not advocating to take any vaccine.

Another point: my first comment mentioned adhering closely to scripture. This is the only safe approach to dealing with all the delusions today (like dna-altering vaccines). This you have not done.

As a result you have gone off-course following wild unscriptural deceptions.

Study to shew thyself approved... 2Timothy 2:15

[note also: did not say the mark was "way off"...i said it is "a ways off" - there is a big difference between the two]


ceecee said...

Hey Tom can u explain why u say the vaccine won’t alter our dna? thanks

tom m. said...

ceecee [directly above],

First thing is that DNA is incredibly complex. Next is that every single cell in the human body contains dna - this number literally is in the trillions. There also are many different types of cells in the body. Every part of the body has it's own specific cells. There simply is no magic-serum that can be injected which could change or alter this system. Just not possible.

There is apparently though much experimenting going on with something called CRISPR. This is supposedly a technique to do gene-editing in human dna. It is very limited though - it can only be done manually and only on one certain cell type at a time. Very little real information can actually be found on it and it does seem that any real success is highly questionable. The fact is that most of what is being done at this point is still laboratory studies only. Doing some homework on CRISPR will show this to be the case.

For the sake of argument, even if CRISPR could in fact sucessfully alter dna, it would only be a specific group of cells. Those manually-altered cells could never replicate the alterations thoughout the entire body to every other type of cell.

The only way the entire human dna could theoretically be altered is by making changes to the reproductive cells i.e. the egg and sperm. Since every cell in the body comes from the combining of the dna of the mother and father, this would in fact make a baby with 100% altered dna. Apparently there is voodoo experimenting going on with this too - but it seems no known proof of success.

At any rate none of this could ever happen by a 'magic-serum' in a vaccine. That is a deception. The deception has a purpose though and the direction it seems to me to be going is not hard to discern. Briefly, in "the end times" - as we refer to it - the deception ultimately is going to be spiritual. Satanic possession and the 'mark of the beast' very likely will be intertwined.

AI and transhumanism including altering dna is being touted as the future of humanity - but i would argue that all of that is a massive lie and a marketing trick - setting up the human race for the real spiritual deception of "the end times" which will include satanic possesion (i.e. they being made to believe that the experience is AI and transhuman genetic advances aka 'the singularity' [Matthew 24:23]) - see book of Revelation.

Anyway touched on this a bit in this post from a while back on the hidden message in names of new AMD Ryzen (computer) products: Amd Ryzen - Singularity, Man Becoming God...